Owners of Merridale plan to Open Dockside Brewery and Distillery in Victoria

2602.jpgThe Times Colonist has reported that Janet Docherty and Rick Pipe, the owners of Cobble Hill’s Merridale Cidery and Distillery, are planning to open a sister business called Dockside Brewery and Distillery, based out of the Dockside Green area of Vic West .

Much like their Cobblehill location, they plan to distill whisky, gin and vodka at the location, using all-local ingredients. However, instead of brewing cider, this location will brew their first line of beers.

As well as a production facility, they plan to open a pizzeria and tasting bar with indoor seating for 50 people and a rooftop patio with seating for an additional 35. They will also be offering regular tours of the operation.

Apparently, they chose the location because of Dockside Green’s commitment to sustainability by meeting LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) standards and plan to employ a number of environmentally friendly practices at the facility.

Read the original story here.




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