Powell Brewery’s Dive Bomb and Cheeky Session Now in Cans

As the warm weather comes in and people start hiking and camping, the need for canned beers increases. They are light-weight and can be easily compacted to take home for recycling.

Well, don’t waste your time of boring macro beers, Powell Brewery has now canned two of their best light beers. For those sunny days on the beach they have their Cheeky Session ale and for those nights by the camp fire, they have their Dive Bomb porter.

Check out the deets below:


The Cheeky Session is a light refreshing hop forward ale with flavours and aromas of orange peel, apricot, melon, and berries.
CHEEKY [chee-kee]
-Post work refresher, midday whistle wetter, liquid: Let’s go grab a cheeky.

4.5% abv
30 ibu


This dark ale is surprisingly light, refreshing, and sessionable. Flavours of caramel, toffee, chocolate and nuts are complimented with Golding hops that add just the right amount of bitterness and a slight floral aroma.

5% abv
33 ibu