Four Winds Brewing Rebrands Berliner Weisse to Sour Weisse

Four Winds Brewing in Delta BC has announced the return of their seasonal Berliner Weisse, with the added surprise that they have renamed it to Sour Weisse.

I’m not sure why they changed the name, as their old marketing material claimed that it was brewed in revernce of the old world sour wheat ales of Berlin. They say the recipe hasn’t changed though. However, the ABV has increased from 3.0% to 3.5%.

This one is bright, tart, and refreshingly effervescent, so the perfect for those warm days that I am really hoping are just around the corner.

It should be making its way to stores this week.

Word to the wise: I’ve seen the old Berliner Weisse on shelves at some stores. That’s probably not too good now!