Driftwood Releases The Last Aurochs Weizenbock

Driftwood Brewery in Victoria BC has announced a brand new limited release weizenbock called The Last Aurochs.

The name is a reference to an extinct breed of wild cattle that inhabited Europe, Asia, and North Africa until 1627 and was the ancestor of domestic cattle.

They took a traditional approach to the weizenbock style here by mixing hefeweizen yeast with the classic bock malt profile for a bold, powerful beer. It is said to have complex flavours of dark fruit, spice, and banana bread to round out its effervescent body and deliver a delicious finish.

The Last Aurochs will hit shelves around Victoria and Vancouver later this week.Thelastaurochs

When on the wheaten steppe we still did flock, One flank to one, the violence to block Of men and vying wolves, our crowns of tusk Worn high, we then were countless. Time has passed. The year now is in its winter, day its dusk, My fellows fallen all, I am the last. But sure as spring returns, here’s to the last!



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