Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes— Apr 10–16 (28 beers)

Another week, another 26 unique beers. I blame the Drake, really. Every time I go in, they know exactly what I want and it’a impossible for me to leave without doing a couple of flights! 😀

Enjoy this week’s tasting notes!


Bottles & Cans

Dry-Hopped Hazy Sour Double IPA by Field House Brewing Co.

The name on this one is a bit of a gimmick. It is really just a strong dry-hopped sour. It was deliciously juicy, though, with nice tartness and a touch of funk. Basically a boozy Nectarous. See my full review.

Shiori Peach Sour by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

The peach and lactose made this taste like peaches and cream, it has puckering tartness, with no lingering acidity, due to the lactose. See my full review.

Kool Koala by Twin Sails Brewing

Thick tropical fruit nose, with pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit, and candy on the palate. Sweet caramel malt base. Dangerously crushable!

Karaoke Showdown by Yellow Dog Brewing and Steel & oak

You get the rich toasty malt of a Dopplebock and a touch of light caramel, with a big hit of American hops. Pretty much an imperial red IPA.

The Code East Coast IPA by Bomber Brewing

Nice and hazy with tons of tropical fruit aroma and flavour. Biscuity malt and a smooth body. Bomber got the East Coast formula right!

Barrel Aged Peach Saison by Ravens Brewing Company

Tons of peach aroma and flavour, which gives way to chardonnay, then oak and tannin. Rich and complex.

Black Lager by Silversmith Brewing Company

This was a really tasty black lager with tons of rich nutty and roasty malt goodness. It was incredibly smooth, crisp, clean, and dry.

À Tout Le Monde by Unibroue

Celebrity beer tie-ins tend to be a bit crap, but this Megadeth beer was a damn fine saison! It was really dry with notes of banana, pear, clove, and pepper—the classic Dupont yeast character.

Trappist Tripel by Trading Post Brewing

This was a decent tripel with clove, pepper, and banana notes, along with the sweetness of candy sugar. However it had an odd herbal aftertaste.

Super SMaSH Brewers by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks & Doan’s

This special collaboration brew had big aromas of pine, floral, and citrus on the nose. However, the palate was quite mild with gentle hop notes and a light biscuit malt backbone.

Collaboration Graff by Ravens Brewing Company

Part beer, part cider, but nothing at all like a snakebite. It had notes of pine, citrus, apple, and pear on the nose. However, the palate didn’t follow through. It tastes more like a lager with a hint of apple.

Smoke & Mirrors Imperial Smoked Ale by Coal Harbour Brewing Company

This big dark smoke monster had notes of smoked beechwood, peat, back bacon. Heartburn in a glass, but in a good way!

Orval by Brasserie d’Orval

This is an undefinable classic. It has banana and clove notes from the primary Belgian yeast fermentation, with funk from the Brett secondary, and Earthy hops from the dry hopping. It was super dry and a tad tart.

Lemon Gin Saison by Bridge Brewing Company

This one wasn’t actually infused with gin, but was brewed with gin botanicals and lemon. It had a floral aroma of juniper with strong notes of lemon, pepper, and coriander to complement the yeast esters and phenols.

Scythe Matters by Phillips Brewing Company

This had a classic Hefezeizen profile of banana, bubble gum, and clove. Considering the ABV, it had great balance and well hidden alcohol with a nice dry finish.

Summer Haze Honey Hefe by Hoyne Brewing

Rich and smooth. Honey dominates with a touch of spice from the yeast. Off dry from the combo of the sweet honey and dry wheat.

On Tap

Street Legal IPA by Twin Sails Brewing

This first year-round IPA from Twin Sails had pine, citrus, and a touch of floral and tropical fruit on the nose. The palate had the same hop notes with a light biscuit malt base.  It was well balanced and very crushable. Not mind-blowing like some of their big experimental IPAs, but a great standard IPA.

Tart Wild Ale W/ Plum by Luppolo Brewing Company

This one tasted of plum and stone fruits with citric acidity and a touch of funk.

Saison by Luppolo Brewing Company

This was a solid saison with the standard clove, banana, pear, and apple notes.

Maraca – Passion Fruit Black IPA by Andina Brewing Company

Pine, floral, and passion fruit on the nose. The palate was like licking the flesh off passion fruit seeds, with a touch of chocolate.

La Mellifera by Le Trou du Diable

Oh wow. The honey. The spicy and fruity saison yeast. The tart sourness. These guys can do no wrong.

Smash Apa by Off The Rail Brewing

Gentle citrus on the nose. Mild bitterness and light crackery malt. A little unremarkable.

Porter Baltique by Les Trois Mousquetaires

The kind of beer where the nose is as enjoyable as the sip. Liquorice, molasses, brown sugar, cocoa, raisins, figs. So rich and heavenly.

Believer by Ninkasi Brewing Company

Earthy and floral nose with caramel, toffee, and dark fruit on the palate. Alcohol warmth and lingering bitterness.

Seizoen Bretta by Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Dirty garbage can aroma from the Brett. Sour peach and green apple on the palate with some clove and pepper. Super dry and arid finish.

3FBY by Boneyard Beer Company

Intense grapefruit and pine from the hops with a doughy malt base. Far more bitter than you expect for 50 IBUs, but in a good way.

Beer Camp Golden IPA (2017) by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Tons of citrus from the hops, crackery pale malt, with a dry finish from the wheat.

Brewer’s Row Collaboration Peach Belgian by Moody Ales

The peach really complements the fruity ester notes from the yeast and counterbalances the pepper and clove notes

Ekuanot by Category 12 Brewing

This single hop pale ale had tropical fruit and pine on the nose, with herbal and resinous notes on the palate. It had a nice bitter finish with an almost woody aftertaste.

Bit of a cheat…

Birds And the Bees by Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

Honey, apple, and lemon. 9.9%. These guys make mind-blowing cider.


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