Howe Sounds Releases Hazy Daze NE IPA and S2S Double IPA

Press Release:

Squamish, BC – Howe Sound Brewing Co’s releases two new brews.  If you’re looking for a sign that spring is here… this is it!

s2sdipa.pngSea to Sky Series No. 8 – Double IPA

BEER NOTES: 8% ABV | 55 IBUs |

HOPS: Galena | Citra | Vic Secret | Centennial | Chinook | Galaxy
MALTS: Pilsner | 2-Row | Cara20 | DextraPils

Description – One of the best styles of beer for incorporating hop bitterness, malt sweetness, and alcohol warmth. It’s a big bold beer style that completely takes over the palate with bold and subtle nuances of flavour.

High in alcohol, but balanced by malt sweetness, which is in turn balanced by bitterness, this Double IPA we focused on fruity, tropical, juicy hops that have a lot of flavour and aroma. It has a fairly light malt profile to let these hops shine through.

” A Juicy, full flavoured and delicious Double IPA. Hop notes of candied orange peel, watermelon, nectarine, ripe berry, passion fruit, rose petal, and resin are forefront on top of a clean malt profile. This beer is big balanced and simply beautiful” – says Simon Jongsma, head brewer.

Food Pairing – Double IPAs are a difficult food pairing because they are so bold and bring so much flavour to the table. Focus on something salty. Bitterness and umami work well with each other. Pork, sausages, fried chicken. Stay away from anything spicy or overly sweet. Also works well with rich deserts with berries incorporated. Strong cheeses are a great pairing, and blue or hard cheese work well.

Hazy Daze North East IPAhazydays.jpg

BEER NOTES: 6% ABV | 25 IBUs | 6086 SKU

HOPS: Galena | Citra | Vic Secret | Chinook | Galaxy
MALTS: Pilsner | 2-Row | C-60 | DextraPils | Oat Malt

Description – This style originated on the east coast of the US with breweries focusing completely on hop flavour and aroma. As a result, North East IPAs have a reduced level of bitterness, generally are brewed with a portion of malted oats, and are somewhat hazy in appearance. It starts off with a slight resinous/dank note and then develops into juicy tropical notes, finally lingering with sweet citrus flavours.

” Hazy Daze North East IPA is packed full of as many hops as we could get in it. Brewing techniques, the use of malted oats, and a massive dry hop give this IPA big tangerine, grapefruit, nectarine, melon, guava, mango peel, sweet white grape must, and berry notes. This beer is completely focused on hop flavour and aroma and best enjoyed as fresh as possible!” – Simon Jongsma, head brewer.

Food Pairing – The beer has a lot of flavour and aroma so should not be paired with anything too strong. Good complement to fruit dishes, light salads, and more delicate meats marinated with citrus and mild herb seasonings. It’s a perfect beer for summer sipping and al fresco dining.


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