Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. Announces Confederation 150 Maple Cream Ale

Press Release:

Revelstoke, B.C. Mt Begbie Brewing Co. has produced a limited release beer for Canada’s 150th celebration. Introducing “Confederation 150 – Maple Cream Ale” available in Government and private liquor stores after May 1st 2017.

Mt Begbie Brewing Co started brewing its classic Begbie Cream Ale, 21 years ago in Revelstoke. This special edition is a new recipe incorporating a Canadian icon – organic maple syrup from Quebec. This smooth and easy drinking ale has subtle maple aroma and flavour. This one is for you Canada: cheers to 150 years!

5% ABV, All natural no preservatives and unpasteurized.

Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. Revelstoke, B.C. has been brewing award winning beer since 1996.



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