Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes— Apr 17–23 (34 Unique Beers)

Another big week (when isn’t it), with my usually bombers and cans at home, drinks at Hank’s and The Drake, and a house party, which left me a little worse for wear…


Bottle and Cans:

The Last Aurochs by Driftwood Brewery

The heffe yeast brings unmistakable isoamyl acetate banana flavour and clove and pepper nose. Rich malt body with warming alcohol finish.

Bourbon Blood Orange by Bridge Brewing Company

The bourbon and blood orange flavours and aromas are represented really well. The finish was quite dry and offset the sweetness of the aforementioned.

Wild Dark Currant Sour // Coolship Collaboration Series 03/04 by Field House Brewing Co. and Steel & Oak

Rich dark fruit notes with tart acidity and moderate Brett funk.

Umeboshi Sour by Steamworks Brewing Company

Pretty mild sourness with light tart cherries and fruity white wine aroma from the hops. Felt like something was missing.

Karaoke Showdown by Yellow Dog Brewing and Steel & oak

You get the rich toasty malt of a Dopplebock and a touch of light caramel, with a big hit of American hops. Pretty much an imperial red IPA.

Brune by Dageraad Brewing

Rich dark fruit notes from the Mission figs and clove and pepper notes from the Belgian yeast. I love this beer. Full review.

Global Warmer by Sixpoint Brewery

Caramel malt with pine and citrus hop nose. Quite good, but these guys are overrated.

Talisman by Strange Fellows Brewing

A great sessionable pale from Strange Fellows. Light bodied with a mild tropical/citrus hop nose.

Hubert MPA by Melvin Brewing

Juuuuuuuicy and smooth. Citrus, tropical, pine, and floral. They say it’s sessionable at 6%. I guess that’s why I had a hangover.

Albert 3 by Le Trou du Diable

Citrusy hop notes with a touch of farmhouse funk. Belgian yeast fruit and spice on the palate. Dry. Over a year old, but still way too much carbonation.

Immoralité by Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!

Bottled a year ago. Like licking dank water of a stalactite in a subterranean cave.

Blackthorn by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Grassy hop aroma. Dark malt flavours of plum, raisins, figs, and cheery. Alcohol warmth that starts in the gut and spreads through the chest.

Sri Lanka (2017) by Dageraad Brewing

Belgian yeast fruity and spicy notes with tart citrus notes from the tamarind. The kithul jaggery adds a nice rich sweetness to the finish.

Oude Geuze (Vieille) by Brouwerij Oud Beersel

Two years old. Funky nose. Tart palate with strong citrus notes and a touch of oak and leather. Very dry finish.

Super 8-Bit IPA (2017) by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

Tons of tropical fruit notes, with citrus, stone fruits, berries, and a touch of pine. Juicy and delicious.

150 Heritage Ale by Lighthouse Brewing Company

Rich malty flavour. The sweetness of the maple was balanced by the dryness of the rye, while the smoke gave it a woody/peaty quality. Full review.

Jerkface 9000 by Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Gentle floral, citrus, and tropical nose. Dry finish from the wheat. Super crushable summer beer.

Transmutation Belgian Specialty Ale by Category 12 Brewing

I love this hop-forward tripel. The hops are balanced by the sweetness of the candy sugar and counterpoint the Belgian yeast profile nicely.

I, The Mountain & The Leprechaun Flute by Sawdust City Brewing Co.

Big malty body meets pine and berry hop notes. Really well balanced and super tasty.

Juice Plus by Twin Sails Brewing

Batch #2. Even juicier than batch #1. This showcases those bright Citra orange peel and lemon rind aromas and flavours so well.


Red Chair NWPA by Deschutes Brewery

Nice hop presence with notes of citrus, floral, and pine. Biscuity malt base. Well balanced and easy drinking. Nitro made it smoooooooth.

Axes of Evil by Gigantic Brewing Company

Hoppy pale with a citrus, floral, and tropical note. Biscuity malt. Strange mash-up of an English and NW pale.

Brewer’s Crack by Boneyard Beer Company

Confusing. It was very hoppy for a strong ale. Rich malty body with citrus adn pine hop notes and bitter finish. Basically a DIPA.

Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery

Juicy as it gets. So much citrus, with a touch of tropical, pine, and floral aroma. Fresh to Death!

Fruitlands (Blood Orange) by Modern Times Beer

Tart citrus acidity with juicy blood orange flavour and a wee touch of funk.

Kölsch by Steamworks Brewing Company

Clean, crisp, and refreshing. Haven’t had it in years and it’s seriously improved.

Hop Hash by Powell Brewery

Can’t get enough of this. It’s like sticking your head in a bag of hops.

Czarcasm by Strange Fellows Brewing

Light bodied, but incredibly flavourful. Tropical fruit and citrus hops with light crackery malt. Juicy and refreshing.

Wandering Camel by Barkerville Brewing Co.

Rich caramel malt base. Floral hops with grapefruit rind and orange peel.

Back Hand of God Stout by Crannóg Ales

Rich dark malt flavour with coffee and chocolate notes and a smooth, dry finish.

Dark Matter by Hoyne Brewing

A Victoria favourite. A nice schwarzbier with mild cocoa and nut flavour.

Chocolate Raspberry by Big Rock Brewery

I couldn’t tell if it was raspberries or Raspberry ketone. That’s not good.

Race Rocks by Lighthouse Brewing Company

Pretty sure this used to be a lighter beer… dark malt flavours of biscuit, chocolate, and caramel. Touch thin.

Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale by Tin Whistle Brewing Company

Honey sweetness and caramel notes dominate and obliterate the subtle dark malt flavours. Could do with more balance.