Strange Fellows to Make Bayard Farmhouse Saison a Bottled Release

Strange Fellows Brewing in East Vancouver has announced that their previously draft-only Bayard farmhouse saison will soon be available in bottles.

Bayard is a Belgian-style farmhouse ale, or saison. Bayard is brewed with a mixed culture of yeast, so not only do you get those rich Belgian yeast esters and phenols, but you also get a touch of wonderful barnyard funk

780ml bottle will be made available in the Strange Fellows tasting room on Monday, May 8 and will be shipping out to private liquor stores later next week!

ABV: 6%
IBU: 25
OG: 1.059
Aroma: Fruity, Peppery
Character: Fruity, Spicy, Dry
Colour: Pale Golden
Hops: Assertive, Balanced, Euro
Malt: Wheat, Pilsner Malts
Yeast: Multi-Culture
Pairs With: Asian, Middle Eastern, Charcuterie

Hero of many a legend, Bayard the Horse possesses the ability to adjust his size to any rider he chooses to carry. Outwitting any attempt to control him, he symbolizes a wild spirit not to be tamed. Our Saison – with its fruity, spicy flavour & dry, refreshing finish – is the happenstance of unique yeasts & unusual brewing methods. Wild by nature, Bayard is perfect for celebrating those things that we cannot control.