Phillips Releases 2017 Batch of Hoperation Tripel Cross

Rejoice! after a loooong wait, Phillips Brewing has finally decided to brew up a new batch of their Hoperation Tripel Cross.

Hoperation Tripel Cross is a Belgian-style IPA, or hop-forward tripel, characterized by a light citrus nose with lemon accents, which yield to delicate Belgian esters. Balanced by big floral hops and mild black pepper spice, this tasty brew finishes with light crystally malt character and a fleeting clean bitterness.

Hoperation is only available from private craft-focused liquor stores for a limited time!

There will also be a special tasting held at Phillips on May 4 from 4-6 p.m. See you there!

Stats: 650ml / 7.3% / IBU: unlisted