Phillips Brewing Releases Thunder Punch Unfiltered IPA

Phillips Brewing in Victoria BC has announced the release of a brand new beer called Thunder Punch.

Thunder Punch is an unfiltered IPA, described as being a flavour beast with a stampede of hops that explode with tropical fruit juiciness. Brewed with a special yeast, unique esters add complexity and find a delicious home on the range of flavour.

With naturally occurring sediment, this brew pours a hazy golden colour. Oats and wheat fortify a sturdy body followed by a burst of intense hoppy aromas. Strong notes of passionfruit, mango, and lychee land with a soft bitterness.

Thunder Punch will be roaming into private craft-focused liquor stores this week and will be around all summer long.

There will be a special tasting of the beer at the Phillips tasting room on May 11, from 4–6 pm.



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