Dageraad Celebrates its Third Anniversary With Ko Lanta Thai Blond Ale

Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby BC has released a special beer to mark their third anniversary.

Called Ko Lanta, the recipe for this Thai Blonde Ale was brainstormed by their entire staff. After much discussion, they decided to spice the beer with lime leaf and galangal, layering the flavours of a Thai curry over a lovely blonde ale. To really create a Dageraad flavour, they fermented the beer with both of our house strains of yeast.

The beer is named of the owners of Tangent cafe, which is where the first ever glass of Dageraad beer was poured three years ago this month. Ko Lanta being the Thai island where they owned their first bar.

As a little bonus to her loyal customers, their tasting room manager Amy decided to made this beer a little stronger than originally planned, by milling an extra bag of grain. As a result, Ko Lanta weighs in at a comforting 6.4% abv.

Ko Lanta is now available in glasses and growlers at the tasting room.



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