Craft Beer Tasting Notes for the Week of May 29–Jun 4 (24 unique beers)

It’s baaaaack! I had to take a couple of weeks off, because I drank way more than I had time to review with pub crawls, special events, my birthday, and my epic Vancouver brewery crawl. This week was pretty reasonable, though, so enjoy!


Disco Nap by Twin Sails Brewing at Frank White’s Dive Store

Hoppy tropical fruit notes of pineapple, papaya, and mango, with citrus notes of melon, orange peel, and lime, plus a touch of pine. Full review.

All the Right Moves by Twin Sails Brewing

Juicy as a mofor. Tropical fruit and citrus with biscuit malt. Smooth, creamy, and dangerously crushable.

Blueberry Yum Yum by Twin Sails Brewing

Lot of blueberry flavour. Juicy, with mild tartness. I found the finish a little sweet, though.

Raspberry Wheat Ale by Trading Post Brewing

I didn’t like this one at all. It was way too sweet and the raspberry tasted a little artificial.

Cumulus Lupulus by Powell Brewery

Light and mildly tart tart session ale with lots of citrus and tropical hop aroma and flavour. Super juicy!


Colour & Shape by Superflux Beer Company

Just perfection. So smooth and juicy with tons of tropical fruit hop aroma. Full review.

Lemongrass Saison by Maui Brewing Company

Light lemongrass flavour that doesn’t come across as vegetal, with a touch of citrus and grape from the hops.

Braveheart Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Company

Tons of caramel and bready malt. Smooth as hell with the nitro.

Pomo-PDX Brett IPA by Yellow Dog Brewing Co & Breakside Brewery

This was an amazing Brett IPA.  It was so fruity, funky, and bitter!

VCBW Hazy Pale (2017) by Yellow Dog Brewing Co / Twin Sails / Moody Ales / The Parkside Brewery

This was really juicy with tons of passionfruit and guava flavour. It was a lot like a mix between Dat Juice and a radler.

Subaquatic Domicile IPA by Hearthstone Brewery

I liked this, but I wasn’t too wild about the addition of pineapple juice. I feel like disco nap tasted like pineapple without the need to add juice. I guess I’m not a big radler fan.

Beach Radler by Strathcona Beer Company

This is actually the first radler I’ve ever really liked. It’s super juicy and the lemon and mandarin flavour comes through really nicely.

Treeline Lager by Coast Mountain Brewing

Clean, crisp. Pretty standard.

Jolly Hopper Imperial IPA by Spinnakers

Hoppy notes of pine, mango and grapefruit, with a strong malt background that offsets the bitterness nicely.

Weekend Plans by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Light and crushable with a smooth mouthfeel. The taste wasn’t all that memorable though.

The Bandit Kolsch by Bomber Brewing

Crisp and clean. Is that Canuck the East Van crow on the label?

Cool Hand Cuke by Hearthstone Brewery

This was really interesting—like a slightly tart and boozy cucumber water.

Bourbon Little Brother by The Commons Brewery

Tons of bourbon flavour, accompanied by notes of banana and clove from the Belgian yeast. Lots of alcohol warmth in the finish.

Year One Wild Saison by Field House Brewing Co.

This wild saison had a some nice Brett funk on the nose, with lemon and floral and spicy characteristics on the palate.

Agreste by Luppolo Brewing Company

A complex wild farmhouse ale with dark fruits and stone fruit on the nose, then citrus, pear, and subtle Brett funk on the palate. Bitter-sweet finish.

Tangerine Soul Style IPA by Green Flash Brewing Company

Huge tangerine nose, but the body was a bit soapy.

Kingdom by Four Winds Brewing

Herbal and floral like a British IPA but with nice oak notes. Moderate bitterness.

Ko Lanta by Dageraad Brewing

A smooth Belgian-style blonde with lots of lime, a touch of spice, and a nice yeast bite.

Night Watch Coffee Lager by Lighthouse Brewing Company

A nice clean and crisp lager with surprisingly strong coffee flavour.