Morning Star and Night Owl Brewing Latest Additions to Callister Co-Op

callister.pngCallister Brewing is a brewery incubator based out of East Vancouver. Callister Brewing is the permanent brewery and other breweries operate out of the location on one-year contracts.

Previous members include Machine Ales (now Superflux) and Boombox.

The latest breweries to join the co-op are Morningstar Brewing and Night Owl Brewing.

Morningstar held a soft release of their first small batch beer on June 2. Called Early Riser, this Belgian ISA sold out within just 3.5 hours and received great reviews. They are now hard at work brewing their first proper batch at Callister, which will be called Immortal Peach.

Night Owl released their first pilot batch on June 15, called Side Hustle. This 7% IPA was brewed with a pilsner malt base, and hopped with galaxy, cascade, and a ton of citra. It was said to be highly aromatic with low bitterness.

I can’t wait to check them out on my next Vancouver trip.



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