Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes—June 12–18 (26 Beers)

Sorry I skipped a week. I wasn’t having the greatest time, also I went to Hopoxia, so there would be far too many beers to review!

The Red Racer Across the Nation Beers should really be in here, but most of them weren’t worth reviewing…

Bottles, Cans, and Growlers

Frooty Call by Twin Sails Brewing

Tons of natural raspberry flavour with bright hop notes and a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. One of the best milkshake IPAs I’ve ever had.

Juicy Double by Foamers’ Folly

You wouldn’t think that strawberries would work in an IPA, but they really augmented the flavours of this big fruity hop bomb. The oats added a really nice element to the mouthfeel that made it almost like an North East IPA and the 9.1% ABV was concealed incredibly well. Full review.

 St-Ambroise Porter Baltique by Brasserie McAuslan (St-Ambroise)

Thick and heavy. Liquorice, molasses, chocolate, and a touch of coffee. A perfect summer beer. 😉

R&D Brett Saison by Category 12 Brewing

Complex fruity and spicy palate with a lovely dry finish. Plums, cherries, and pear. So good.

Tip Hop Spruce White IPA by Dead Frog Brewery

This was a decent white IPA. It was wheaty with subtle spruce flavour to compliment the piney and citrusy aroma from the Simco hops.

7800 Saison by Townsite Brewing

A classic Belgian-style saison. Pepper and a touch of fruit from the yeast, slightly spicy from the hops, grainy, with a nice dry finish.

St-Ambroise Abricot (Apricot Wheat Ale) by Brasserie McAuslan (St-Ambroise)

Nice apricot flavour. Tart and refreshing, but a little sweet. You’d think the wheat would offset the sweetness, but I guess not.

Takumi Saskatoon Berry Wheat Sour by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

I’ve never had a Saskatoonberry before, but if this is anything no go by, they are delicious. It had a nice subtle lactic tartness and was really juicy and refreshing.

187 On An Undercover Hop by Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Wow! Hop booooooomb! Tropical fruits and caramel malt. The booze is slightly concealed and will fuck you up.

6IX by Phillips Brewing Company

A big ol’ NW hop bomb with tons of pine, resin, and a touch of citrus and fruit.

Happyness by Superflux Beer Company

East meets wets in this really nicely balanced IPA with tons of pine and citrus notes from the citra and mosiac hops. It’s not quite on a level with Colour & Shape, but it’s darn close!

Dark Ale by Fort Garry Brewing Company

I’m not usually a big fan of English milds, but the dark malt added a nice bit of nutiness.

Lemongrass Saison by Maui Brewing Company

Light, citrusy, and spicey from the Belgian yeast. Doesn’t have the vegetal quality of some lemongrass beers I’ve tried.

Loose Canoe by Kettle River Brewing

An easy drinking and well balanced golden IPA with tons of citrus and resinous hop aroma. This is the first Kettle River beer I’ve tried. I hope I can get my hands on some more!

Meneer de Uil – Bowmore BA by Het Uiltje

Smokey and peaty with chocolate, dark fruits and molasses. A little boozy, but in a good way.

Smoked Lager by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

I really liked this. The smoke ws subtle and not overpowering while the body was crisp and malty.

Surveyor IPA by Coast Mountain Brewing

This was a big west cost IPA. The hops were packed with aromas and flavours of pine and resin.

Pomo-PDX Brett IPA by Yellow Dog Brewing Co

The hops bring floral, citrus, and resinous aromas, while the brett brings berries and mild funk. The caramel malt balances it all out. The finish is bitter and satisfying.

On Draft

Sticker Fight by Boneyard Beer Company

I big NW DIPA. Great combo of tropical, citrus, and pine hops, with underlying caramel malt.

Kingdom by Four Winds Brewing

They call this an English-style IPA, but it was waaaaaaay better than an English IPA I’ve ever had. It wash erbal, oaky, and wonderfully bitter. You can definitely taste the 9%. I hope they bottle this!

Easy Tiger by Superflux Beer Company

I really don’t like ISAs, but this was juicy AF. Tropical and citrus hops, and so smoooooooth.

Nectarine Dream by Cascade Brewing Company (USA)

This was like a boozy and oaky tangerine. Possibly one of the best sours I’ve ever tasted. Their might have been a little salt in there from my tears.

Store St. IPA by Harbour Brewpubs Collective

Nice bit of mango flavour to complement the citrus and tropical fruit from the hops. Low bitterness and quite crushable.

Watermelon Kolsch by Canoe Brewpub

Subtle watermelon taste and slightly tart. A little astringent.

White IPA by Canoe Brewpub

Light and easy-going. Wheaty with mild yeast flavour and gentle hops.

Dark Ale by Canoe Brewpub

Decent pub ale with a little toasty dark malt that gives hints of coffee and cacao.