Moody Ales Releases Huge Citrus Pale Ale

Moody Ales in Port Moody BC has released a new beer called Huge Citrus.

Huge Citrus is a pale ale inspired by the hazy North East IPA craze. They decided to use typical North West hops, leaving out the oats commonly used in that style.  This left them with a very juicy, well balanced beer with a lighter body than it’s North East cousins.

Huge Citrus gets a massive addition of Cascade and Mosaic hops late in the brew, and is then dry-hopped with copious amounts of Cascade and Mosaic hops while the yeast is still active, leaving a Huge Citrus aroma and flavour—notes of tropical fruit, stone fruit, orange, grapefruit, and pomelo.

They used Sacc Trois yeast to ferment this beer to really increase the juicyness, hazyness, and to add a bit of funk. This medium-to-light bodied beer is very well balanced, juicy, not sweet and VERY crushable.

It is available in the unusual format of 2-packs of 750ml cans.

  • Tasting notes: Tropical fruit, stone fruit, orange, grapefruit and pomelo. Finishes with a very balanced bitterness.
  • Pairs well with: Nothing too heavy. Light salads, charcuterie plates, or a good old fashioned backyard BBQ
  • Grains: Pale, Crystal 60, Acidulated Malt
  • Hops: Cascade, Mosaic
  • IBU: 35
  • SRM: 8
  • OG: 14.4P
  • FG: 3P

huge citrus