Strange Fellows Releases Popinjay in Cans

popinjay.jpgStrange Fellows Brewing in East Vancouver has announced that Popinjay, a previously draft-only release, will now be available in 4-packs of 473ml cans.

Popinjay is a kettle sour that has been dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic to produce a juice and refreshing beer with aromas of fruit and citrus.

You can find it now at the Strange Fellows retails store and it will be making its way to liquor stores around BC shortly.

ABV 4.5 / 8 IBU / 1.054 OG

On the day the birds were created, the Peacock was bestowed with splendid plumage. Dissatisfied, he bagged for the sweet song of the Nightingale. Surely a beauty such as his deserved a voice to match? As penance for his vanity however, the Peacock was given a voice that would forever lament his lack of perfection.

Sip of this juicy & hoppy sour ale, reflect upon your gifts & be happy.

  • Aroma: Fruity & Citrusy
  • Character: Refreshing & Moreish
  • Colour: Golden
  • Hops: Citra And Mosaic
  • Malt: Canadian Pale
  • Yeast: Conan
  • Pairs With: mussels, fresh and tangy cheese, eggs