Dageraad Collaborates with Upright on Rhythm Section

Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby BC has released a special collaboration with Portland’s Upright Brewing called Rhythm Section.

Rhythm Section is described as being a a subtly spiced saison—a beer you could drink because you’re thirsty, or one you could spend time with your nose stuck in the glass, pondering its intricate and delicate complexity.

Rhythm Section is an expression of both breweries’ mutual love of experimenting with spices and other unusual brewing ingredients. The elements of this balance, nuanced beer work as a unit, each contributing their part without dominating the conversation.

I got a chance to try this one out at this year’s Farmhouse Fest and thought that it was a wonder beer for enjoying in the warm, sunny weather.

Rythym Section is available now at the Dageraad tasting room and bottle swill begin popping up in select private liquor stores next week.

ABV: 5% / IBU: NA



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