Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes—Aug 7–13

20170809_234346Well, shit! That was a really big week. I had a few bottles at home, then went to the pub, then went to the Cowichan Craft Beer Festival, than a rare beer tap takeover at Smiths, then did a Vancouver Brewery crawl.

I think I tried about 83 unique beers. I didn’t have time to make notes on most, as I was with people and was a little tipsy, but here’s about half.

I don’t tend to make notes when I’ve am festivals or at tap takeovers, as time is of the essence.

Bottles & Cans

Bachelor Pad by Twin Sails Brewing

This smooth East Coast Double IPa had hop-forward aromas of pineapple, mango, orange peel, and a touch of dank. The body was hazy and the mouthfeel was incredibly smooth.

Blackberry Festivale by Townsite Brewing

This had a really nice and natural blackberry taste with a touch of banana. It finished medium-sweet. I don’t normally like fruit beers, but this was great!

Lush Crush by Twin Sails BrewingIMG_20170810_234757

For a session pale ale, this one had a really hop-forward aroma, with bright fruity notes of citrus and tropical fruit. The mouthfeel was really silky from the added oats.

Barrel Aged Ale Refermented With Rhubarb by Kettle River Brewing

This one-year barrel-aged beer had a light rhubarb flavour with hints of oak and red wine. It was a touch tart with and a dry finish.

White & Lazy IPA by Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co.

This white IPA had hoppy citrus and tropical fruit notes on the nose. The body was wheaty and slightly spicy with a nice dry finish.

Black Sheep by White Pony Microbrewery

This imperial stout was rich and creamy with roasted malt flavours and notes of caramel, molasses, chocolate, caramel, and dark fruits. The finish was dry and quote boozy.

Berliner Geist by Strange Fellows BrewingIMG_20170812_020050

This first first release from the Strange Fellows 2017 Fellowship programme was a mildly sour gose with a touch of funk and hints of vanilla and oak. It was refreshing and effervescent.

The City Never Sleeps by Gigantic Brewing Company

This black saison had toasted malt notes of coffee, liquorice, and dark fruits with hints of saison yeast spiciness and a dry finish.

The Great Grätzer by Moody Ales

This smoked wheat ale had moderate peaty smokiness with a wheaty body and a touch of umami. This finish was dry and dusty.

Two Evil: Pachamama Porter by Two Roads Brewing & Evil Twin Brwing

This collaboration was brewed with  sweet potatoes, purple mais and aji panca chili peppers. It was mildly spicy and quite sweet with a touch of starchiness, along with roasted malt flavours of coffee and chocolate.

Antwerpen by Dageraad Brewing20170813_151008

This is a fantastic triple with a nose of Earthy and herbal noble hops and floral alcohol. The body was spicy and fruity with a touch of pepper, coriander,  banana, and pear. The finish was warming and dry.

Light Saison by Field House Brewing Co.

This light saison was mildly tart with a touch of saison yeast spice and a hint of citrus from the lemongrass.

On Tap

The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery

This is possibly one of the best imperial stouts in the world. It had complex and intese notes of bourbon, molasses, liquorice, coffee, chocolate, oak, and a hint of red wine. The finish was boozy.

Blackberry Berliner Weisse by Strathcona Beer Company20170813_205342

This one had a decent blackberry flavour, and was tart, sweet, and fruity. It was a little too sweet thoughout for me and everyone else who tried it.

Must Be Dreamin’ by Twin Sails Brewing

This double IPA was brewed with grape must. The Pinot Noir grapes really came through and complement the fruity/citrus notes from the hops.

Cash Only by Twin Sails Brewing

This East Coast DIPA was super cloudy and smooth with notes of orange peel, melon, and pine. It was dangerously crushable for a beer with 10.3% ABV.

Raquira by Andina Brewing Company

Roasty dark malts with an interesting tropical fruitiness.

Ocaso Evergreen Red Ale by Andina Brewing Company

Piney and spicy with roasty caramel malt.