Get in on the Ground Floor with Île Sauvage Brewing’s Founders Club

22279445_1940044512921207_1255676289078430302_n.jpgÎle Sauvage Brewing Company in Victoria BC is getting ready to open its door some time in the new year and is presenting craft beer fans with the unique opportunity to get involved in the project by becoming a member of their Founders Club.

The Founders Club membership is a direct way to help the brewers realize their dream of producing top quality, barrel-aged sour beer. For an investment of $225 backers will receive the following rewards:

  • 1) 8 Large (750ml) Bottles of Blended Oak-Aged Sour Beer. Entitled to 2 of each from our first 4 bottle releases.
  • 2) Founders Club Membership Card
  • 3) 1 Custom Ceramic Growler (2 Liters)
  • 4) 2 Branded Beer Glasses


You can join the Founders Club here:

Here’s some more details on those perks:

Bottled Beer

At Île Sauvage Brewing Company, we are committed to producing the very best sour beer we can make. We love complex sour and farmhouse beers with pronounced acidity, Brettanomyces, subtle malt, nuanced oak, and specialty ingredients. Our large 750ml bottles will all be blends of barrels from our sour beer stock, and will include different refermentations on fruit, spices and/or dry hops. Good things are worth waiting for; our aged beer takes time, and will be available in 2018.

Founders Club Card21034617_1922322254693433_8079871070896297923_n

As a member of our Founders Club, we will be able to communicate directly with our favorite customers. Before any bottle/can release, members will be sent emails in order to have first access to the beers. Members will receive a Founders Club card that will allow them to redeem their allotted beers as well as receive future discounts

Growler and Glassware

We are partnering with a small ceramic producer in the BC interior. She is producing hand-made, unique swing-top Growlers that are branded and hand painted. The growlers are truly works of art and collectors items. Each member will have his/her choice of 1 of 3 colors and will be available by December 1st. The beer glassware will also be available at the same time.