Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes—Nov 13–19 (36 beers)

Good god, I drank a lot of good beer this week. Well done me!

Bottles & Cans

IMG_20171113_220513Passionfruit Milkshark by Bellwoods Brewery

Juicy and delicious with big notes of passionfruit and vanilla, along with a hint of apple. It was a smooth and silky mouthfeel.

Home Ec by Twin Sails Brewing

This Tirimisu stout had notes of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, cookies, and cream. It was sweet and decadent. Phenomenal!

Boysen the Hood by Twin Sails Brewing

This was the best milkshake IPA I’ve ever had! The boysenberry really came through and the colour was insane. It was so smooth and deceptively boozy.

Woke Up Like This by Twin Sails Brewing

This imperial spelt porter had toasty and roasty notes of coffee and chocolate, with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel.

The Fraser by Steel & Oak Brewing & Four Winds Brewing

Bright and fruity with notes of mango and guava and a touch of funk in the finish.


Brett IPA by Category 12 Brewing

This spent 10 months in my cellar. The Brett had gone nuts—so much carbonation. The smell was horseblanket and the palate was funky, tart, and fruity.

S2S Series Honey Wheat Wine by Howe Sound Brewing

This wheat wine had rich notes of honey, vanilla, caramel, and dark dried fruits. It was really smooth and finished a little dry. It hid its 11.3% ABV very well!

Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout Nitro by Old Yale Brewing Co.

Oh wow! This really did taste like Irish cream. It was so rich and creamy with a touch chocolate. I like it a lot!

Devilfish IPA by Old Yale Brewing Co.

This was quite a malty IPA, but the Ella hops brought notes of grapefruit and tropical fruits with a touch of spice.

Half Hitch by Crux Fermentation Project

This was a nice fresh bottle that I brought in Portland. It was way better than the draught I had up here. It had nice notes of papaya and guava with a touch of dank.



Lavender ESB by Field House Brewing Co.

This had a floral nose with notes of lavender and mild spice on the palate. It was sweet with low bitterness.

Eastern IPA by Field House Brewing Co. 

Floral nose with notes of stone fruit and grapes on the palate with bready/caramel malt and light bitterness in the finish.

Dark Sour with Blueberries & Blackberries by Field House Brewing Co.

This was lightly tart with lots of blueberry and blackberry flavour. Sweetness hides the 10% ABV very well.

Vienna Lager by Strathcona Beer Company

This was a crisp and light Vienna lager with sweet biscuity malt and a touch of herbal hops.

Premium Pilsner by Strathcona Beer Company

This was a crisp classic pilsner with a floral nose and mildly spicy palate. It was decent, but not exciting.


India Pale Ale by Hearthstone Brewery

Floral nose with citrus, tropical fruits, and stone fruits on the palate. Quite light with low bitterness.IMG_20171115_214309

Riptide Rye IPA by Britannia Brewing Company

Notes of apricot apricot, nectarine, melon, and mild spice with a dry finish.

Tiny Little Tart Golden Sour by Hearthstone Brewery

Nice mild kettle sour with tingling lactic acidity and tons of tropical fruit and citrus notes from the hops.

Ashore Rye Porter by Britannia Brewing Company

Notes of chocolate, nuts, coffee, and spice with a really dry finish.

Wave Crusader XPA by Britannia Brewing Company

Resinous and citrusy hops atop toffe/caramel malt base. Not a lot of bitterness.

Sirens Chai Saison by Britannia Brewing Company

I didn’t get chai from this at all. It had a medical toothpaste-like flavour.

Blueberry Garden Ale by Britannia Brewing Company20171114_213458

Nice blueberry presence without being too sweet. It has a touch of tartness from the citric acid.

El Dorado Kettle Sour by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Nice level of tartness with notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, mango, stone fruit, and candy.

Scarlet Red Rye Ale by Steamworks Brewing Company

Damn! That was so tasty. The barley wine took on so much rye whisky and oak character from the barrel aging to make this a rich, warming sipper.

Mastodon Mother Puncher by Mikkeller

This IPA had a delicious passion fruit punch, complemented by a touch of funk from the Brett. I wish I bought more!

Darkling Oatmeal Stout by Cannery Brewing

A decent example of the style, with a touch of chocolatey roasted malt and a smooth mouthfeel. I found it a little thin-bodied though.

Bad Santa, Cascadian Dark Ale by Pelican Brewing Company20171119_000011

Floral nose with eathy hops and chocolate malt on the palate. It was quite mild for the IBUs and maybe a little thin-bodied.

Sack Lunch by Twin Sails Brewing

This Sacc Trois pale ale had subtle hop fruitiness with notes of peach, papaya, accompanied by a touch of spice and funk-lite. It was crushable with a dry finish.

Blackberry Jam by Four Winds Brewing

The blackberries in this fruited IPA balanced really nicely against the lupulin. The lactose and vanilla added a touch of sweetness and it finished oh so smoothly.

Like That by Strathcona Beer Company

This NE IPA was way better than the previous “Like That.” It was far more juicy and had far more tropical fruit flavour.



Double Overhead by Maui Brewing Company

Doughy malt base with citrus and tropical hops. Low bitterness.

Big Swell IPA by Maui Brewing Company

Nice West Coast IPA with hints of pine, tropical fruit, and citrus over a bready malt base.

Bikini Blonde Lager by Maui Brewing Company

Crisp and malty with a nice hop profile.

Pineapple Mana Wheat by Maui Brewing Company

Nice juicy pineapple taste without the tartness. The body was wheaty and it finished medium dry.

Pueo Pale Ale by Maui Brewing Company

Nice pale with a floral nose and some citrus, tropical, and pine on the palate.