Upright Brewing Collaborates with Superflux on Jacaranda

Upright Brewing of Portland, Oregon is set to release a special collaboration with Superflux Beer of Vancouver, BC on a hoppy saison called Jacaranda.

Jacaranda melds Upright’s love of saisons with Superflux’s love of hop-forward beers. Jacaranda started as a simple, light, wheat based saison heavily hopped in the kettle with oil-rich varieties, primarily Vic Secret, then open fermented with Upright’s house yeast blend.

The beer was then transferred into a conditioning tank where a portion of Shades, their Rainier cherry based beer, was added, accounting for roughly 12% of the volume. To round out the blend and add some depth, the beer was then matured in a mix of vermouth and gewurztraminer casks for two months with brettanoymyces, then bottle conditioned.”

Jacaranda will be available at select liquor stores throughout BC next week and there will be a launch party at The Alibi Room on Jan 22 at 5 p.m.


Photo courtesy of Upright Brewing