Coalesce Brewing Releases Plum Foreword and Lou

Coalesce Brewing in Port Moody BC has released a new plum variant of their Foreword barrel-aged mixed fermentation ale as well as a new witbier called Lou.

Plum Foreword is a mixed fermentation ale that was aged in oak barrels for five months before being refermented on 180g/L of organic Elephant Heart plums from Sapo Bravo Organics for another two months.

6.2% ABV | 21 IBU | 500mL.

Lou is Coalesce’s interpretation of a historical Witbier. Brewed with Wickup wheat malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malt and organic raw hard red winter wheat from Cedar Isle Farm, this beer was decoction mashed and lightly hopped with Saaz. Lou was gently spiced in the kettle with Grains of Paradise and open fermented with a diverse mixed culture in a 500L open-top puncheon before being moved to stainless for a brief maturation period and refermented in the bottle. They describe the palate as having notes of yeasty sourdough, fresh cut grass, and lemon peel.

4.1% ABV | 13 IBU | 500mL

Limited amounts of both beers are available now at the Twin Sails Brewing tasting room in Port Moody.

Plum Foreword and Lou

Photo courtesy of Coalesce Brewing