Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes—Jan 29–Feb 4, 2018 (30 Uniques)

This week’s drinking featured a Strathcon Beer tap takeover at Smiths Pub, then birthday drinks for a friend’s birthday, with trips to Swans and Smiths. Then it all wrapped up with sunday dinner at Heron Rock Bistro, who have a pretty amazing tap list!

Bottles & Cans

Double Infinity (Citra) by Superflux Beer Company

The best Superflux double IPA yet! Juicy and smooth with notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, melon, lime, and lychee over a light crackery malt base.

…As If by Twin Sails Brewing

This barrel-aged dry-hopped sour had a big floral nose with notes of citrus zest, tropical fruit, and Chardonnay on the palate. It was slightly sour and oh so juicy.

Hot Trub Time Machine 2 by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks and Superflux Beer

This collaboration IPA was tropical and dank with notes of pineapple, papaya, mango, and resin. The body was juicy and smooth.

Pride (The Sinner Series) by Amager Bryghus

This imperial stout was thick and inky with roasty notes of coffee, chocolate, molasses, and raisins. It was full bodied with a nice bitter finish.

Kriek Lambic by Strange Fellows Brewing

Tart, juicy, sweet, and slightly funky with notes of cherry, vanilla, cinnamon, and oak.

Belgian Golden Strong by Moody Ales

Pretty light for the style. Thin bodied with mild fruity and spicy yeast notes and candi sugar.

Holliewood Oyster Stout by Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

Roasty notes of coffee, chocolate and molasses with a mild hint of brine. Not a huge oyster presence, but that’s probably good.

Black Lager by Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

Mild roasty malt notes with a touch of chocolate. Crisp and light bodied.

Cascara Saison by Powell Brewery

A medium-bodied and dry saison with light notes of berries, cherries, and plum.

Secretariat by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

This saison had a floral and fruity nose. The body brought guava and papaya with a hint of funk. It finished nice and dry.

Bourbon & Oak Infused Salted Black Porter by Field House Brewing Co.

Very subtle notes of bourbon and oak with a touch of salt. I think the original was far superior. They should have barrel aged it.

Get Down On It by Strathcona Beer Company

This NE IPA was creamy and juicy with notes of tropical fruit and citrus over light crackery malt. It had a smooth mouthfeel with a mellow finish.

Hillbilly Ninja by Parallel 49 Brewing Company

This pale ale was light, juicy, and hazy with notes of peach, orange, papaya, and guava.

Narwhal Imperial Stout (2017) by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

THis imperial stout had Intense roasty malt notes of coffee, bitter dark chocolate, nuts, dark fruit, and a hint of smoke.

A Yellow Dog Named Melvin by Yellow Dog Brewing Co & Melvin Brewing

This double IPA was a big old hop bomb with notes of tropical fruit, citrus, pine, berries, and bubblegum over a caramel malt base. Nice lingering bitterness.


Orange Cherry Rye Ale by Vancouver Island Brewing

Mild hints of cherry and orange over a grainy and dry rye malt base. A decent attempt, but not quite storm level.

Shipwreck IPA by Lighthouse Brewing Company—at Heron Rock Bistro

This NW IPA had a nice bit of tropical fruit and pine with satisfy bitterness in the finish.

Night Watch Coffee Lager by Lighthouse Brewing Company—at Heron Rock Bistro

This lager has a crisp and dry body with rich medium-roast coffee notes over a bready malt base. One of my favourite coffee beers.

Pilsner by Four Winds Brewing—at Heron Rock Bistro

Lovely floral and citrus nose with a light, crisp body that has notes of citrus and a touch of spicy bitterness.

L.U.F.F. by Townsite Brewing—at Smiths Pub

This Belgian-style blonde was light and malty with subtly fruity ester and spicy phenol notes.

Saison Cassis by Brasserie Dunham—at Smiths Pub

Slightly tart with big blackberry notes and a touch of spicy esters. Nice dry finish to offset the berry sweetness.

#Blessed by Twin Sails Brewing—at Smiths Pub

A gorgeous pale ale with hoppy notes of melon, mango, and orange peel over a light biscuity malt base.

Wallonian Bitter by Four Winds Brewing—at Smiths Pub

Wonderful Belgian farmhouse with hints of oak and tannin and a satisfyingly bitter finish.

Double IPA- Batch #0061 by Swans Brewery —at Swans Brewpub

Big pine and citrus hop notes over a rich caramel malt base. Lots of earthy hop bitterness in the finish. Old school and awesome.

Victoria Fog Wit- Batch #0051 by Swans Brewery—at Swans Brewpub

A delicious Wit with notes of burgamot, vanilla, lavender, and grainy malt. Slightly dry finish.

Coconut Porter by Swans Brewery—at Swans Brewpub

Roasty malt notes of chocolate and caramel with well-balanced coconut sweetness.

Muy Hoppy IPA by Swans Brewery—at Swans Brewpub

Deliciously hoppy and incredibly drinkable. Citrusy and tropical. Muy bueno!

R&D Porter by Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom—at Smiths Pub

Roasty malt with hints of bittersweet chocolate and earth hop bitterness in the finish.

Magic #3.5 Pineapple Gose by Omnipollo—at Smiths Pub

Light bodied and slightly tart. Notes of pineapple and a touch of sea salt.

North West Pale Ale by Strathcona Beer Company—at Smiths Pub

Light bodied with a floral nose and piney hops on the palate over a dry biscuity malt base.

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