Coalesce Brewing to Drop Final Three Beers This Weekend

Coalesce Brewing in Port Moody, BC has announced the release of their final three beers this weekend.

Yep, that’s right. They are wrapping things up, leaving Twin Sails and may return one day with an even better project. As soon as I know what, I’ll be sure to let you know.

All three beers will be released on May 6 at the Twin Sails tasting room in Port Moody.

To the Windmixed fermentation wild ale refermented on 200+lbs of whole cluster Pinot Noir grapes from Orofino Vineyards.

Two select and acid-driven barrels went into the blend, both brewed with 100% Mecca Grade malt and fermented dry in wine barrels with a mixed culture of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, and Lactobacillus.

Named as an ode to the town of Keremeos, this beer had a extensively laborious and intimate journey to it’s current state. After seeing oak 3 separate times, for a total of 9 months, along with twice daily punch downs for 4 weeks.

Pouring a light crimson red, they say to expect notes of prickly fruit punch and bright ripe cranberry from this one, with some soft tannins rounding things out.

Time Takes Everything—mixed fermentation ale brewed with charred heirloom squash and aged in oak barrels.

Time Takes Everything is their interpretation of the Biere de Garde style of Northern France and Belgium, and how it may have been brewed many moons ago. Based on the seasons, they chose to include a unique in-season produce into the brewing process.

They brewed this beer with a large amount of specialty and caramel malts from Mecca Grade and mashed the beer with over 80lbs of a variety of heirloom squash from Sapo Bravo Organics, which They charred over hardwood. Brewed in October, the beer was fermented cool over the fall and winter months in 3rd use wine barrels with a blend of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus. The beer then went into bottles to slowly carbonate and condition naturally through the spring.

Unusual and perhaps slightly esoteric, this beer is brightly acidic showing lots of plum and fig with the charred squash lending an intriguing tobacco character to the finish.

As a support to the farmers that work tirelessly to provide the community with such wonderful produce, they are donating 50% of all sales of this beer to Young Agrarians.

Foreword Reserve—mixed fermentation ale aged in freshly emptied B.C. Chardonnay barrels

As their final release they decided to end where they began, with a special version of their original Foreword, which was a mixed fermentation ale aged in oak barrels.

While they tasted through their barrels of Foreword as it matured, they selected two barrels that possessed a certain finesse and harmony to hold onto for a second release sometime in the future. They chose to continue to age those two barrels for a further 8 months until they felt the beer was mature, for a total of 11 months in oak before being laid to rest to condition naturally in the bottle for a number of months.

This beer is said to exhibit vibrant notes of gooseberry and peach alongside some wonderful Brettanomyces depth, and finishes with a beautiful limestone minerality.