Dageraad Celebrates its Fourth Anniversary With Ko Lanta 2018

Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby, BC is set to release the 2018 version of Ko Lanta to celebrate their fourth anniversary.

Ko Lanta is a tropical inspired Belgian-style blonde brewed with the addition of lime leaf, galangal, and noble hops, and fermented with Chimay yeast. It has a complex fruit and spice aroma and layers the flavours of a Thai curry over those of a Belgian-style blonde.

The beer is named for the owners of Tangent cafe, which is where the first ever glass of Dageraad beer was poured four years ago this month. Ko Lanta being the Thai island where they owned their first bar.

Ko Lanta will be available at the tasting room on May 12 and will ship to select private liquor stores and bars the following week.