Weekly Craft Beer Tasting Notes—Aug 16–22 (35 Beers)

Good news! We’re all caught up and back on track for weekly updates on my thinly-veiled alcoholism!

This week features lots of amazing bottles and cans at home, as well as drinks on draught at The Drake, Smiths, and The Guild.


Backwoods Bastard (2018) by Founders Brewing Co.

Notes of scotch, bourbon, peaty smoke, caramel, toffee, roasted malts, dark fruit, earthy spice, and oak. Astounding!

Funk Royal by Brasserie Dunham

This grisette was so fruity and delicious, with a tart mouthfeel and notes of plum, cherry, lemon, barnyard funk, and oak..

La Bretteuse by Le Trou du Diable

This is a bottle from before they sold their souls to Molson Coors. It was dry, vinous, and funky with notes of red wine grape, rose, vanilla, grapefruit, light spice, bready malt, and oak.

Sleeping Lemons Export by The Wild Beer Co

This gose was tart, sour, salty, and packed full of lemon flavour. It tasted a lot like lemon curd or lemon meringue pie

Quartz – Blended Wild Ale by Townsite Brewing

This was a really nice blend of barrel-aged ales. It was sour, tart, dry, and mineralic, with notes of tropical fruit, Brett funk, a little spice, and oak tannins.

Mistral by Strange Fellows Brewing

This Riesling saison was super dry, slightly tart, and vinous with notes of white wine grape, apple, pear, lime, light spice, and oak.

Huginn Barrel Aged Dark Sour by Ravens Brewing Company 

Slightly tart and vinous with mild roasty notes, chocolate, dried dark fruits, light butter, a hint of red wine, earthy bitterness, and oak.

Muninn Dark Sour with Black Currant by Ravens Brewing Company

Rich, dark, and slightly tart with notes of black currant, coffee, chocolate, dark fruits, and tabacco. Almost wine-like mouthfeel.

Imperial Russian Stout by Brouwerij Emelisse

Rich and roasty with notes of roasted malt, coffee, chocolate, tabacco, and leather.

Soft DK by Evil Twin Brewing

Unknown age, but probably a 2015 bottle? Mellowed out nicely with notes of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and a touch of banana.

Son of the Morning (2016) by Driftwood Brewery

Aged two years. A little oxidized, but it sort of works. Sort of sherry-like with green apple and pear.

La Burra by Sécala Cerveza

This bottle was old, grassy, and slightly oxidized. Yik!


Hazy Daze North East IPA by Howe Sound Brewing

They definitely made it hazier in 2018. Nice tropical fruit and citrus notes over a light biscuity malt base.

Master POMO by Twin Sails Brewing

Crisp, dry, slightly tart, and spicy with notes of lemon, mango, and ginger.

Stiff Peaks by Twin Sails Brewing

Nice and creamy with notes of raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, citrus, and tropical fruit, over a light malt base.

Black Lime Gose by Luppolo Brewing Company

Super carbonated from the can conditioning. Notes of black lime and a touch of salt. Reminds me of sweet heart candies for some reason.

Midas by Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Light-bodied with hoppy floral and citrus notes plus a touch of peach and clove from the Belgian yeast.

Three by Burdock

Interesting blend of their Oria sour and Tuesday saison. Tart with tropical notes of pineapple and passionfruit. The saison yeast character seemed to be overpowered by the dry hop though.

Hawaiian Crunk (POG Milkshake IPA) by Riverbend Brewing Company

Creamy and fruity with notes of passion fruit, orange, guava, and vanilla.

Subtropic by Steel & Oak Brewing

Hazy and juicy with big tropical fruit notes of pineapple, papaya, and melon over a light malty body. Creamy mouthfeel with a smooth finish.

I Was In the Pool! by Backcountry Brewing

Best ISA I’ve ever had. Juicy and hazy with huge tropical fruit and citrus notes. Wish I could get more.

The Bright Side by Dageraad Brewing

Lovely juicy lemon notes. Light bodied and slightly tart with a little clove-like spice.

Russell Dazy Double Hazy IPA by Russell Brewing Company

Take two. Better than last time. Very floral hop profile, but a little too much caramel malt. Makes it a little buttery.

Sea Maiden Sour Ale by Britannia Brewing Company

Slightly tart and salty with nice watermelon flavour. Very tasty and refreshing.

Longshadows IPA by Blindman Brewing

Sort of east meets west. Floral nose. Tropical, citrus, and pine on the palate over a bready and caramel malt base. Touch buttery.


Funk Des Soviètes by Brasserie Dunham—at The Drake Eatery

This saison was slightly tart and earthy with notes of seabuckthorn and barnyard funk.

Arrogant Bastard Ale by Stone Brewing—at The Drake Eatery

This aggressive brew is malty AF with all of the caramel with some nice piney hops to add bitterness.

Frambozen by Steamworks Brewing Company—at The Drake Eatery

Light-bodied, slightly tart, and very sweet with good natual raspberry notes. A little one-dimensional for me.

D!SB ESB by Boneyard Beer Company—at The Drake Eatery

They list this as an ESB, but it’s basically a hoppy pale ale verging on an IPA with floral and fruity notes. I’m English, so possibly a little picky. It was still very nice though.

Logical Choice (2018) by AleSmith Brewing Company—at The Drake Eatery

This imperial IPA was crisp and light-bodied with big hoppy notes of mango, pine, and citrus over a light malt body. It was deceptive smooth for the ABV.

Pipewrench by Gigantic Brewing Company—at The Drake Eatery

Much fresher than last time I had this. The gin botanicals really complement the citrus notes of the hops beautifully. Smooth and delicious.

Passion Fruit IPA by Deschutes Brewery—at Smiths Pub

Light passion fruit notes with a touch of tropical fruit and citrus from the hops. A little too much caramel malt.

Otra Vez 2018 by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.—at The Drake Eatery

Light bodied, tart, and refreshing with notes of prickly pear, grapefruit, and a touch of salt.

Hop Chowdah by Cannery Brewing—at The Guild

First time on draught. Way hazier than before. Hits all the right notes. Juicy and smooth, with tropical fruits citrus, and a touch of pine.

Sorry We Took So Long Saison by Riot Brewing Co.—at The Guild

This saison is light, fruity, and spicy. The phenol and ester balance is typical of Dupont yeast. I could drink this all day.