Mad Science: Phillips Hopzarro

I’ve recently been experimenting with blending different beers at the Phillips growler bar. At first, I think they thought I’d lost my mind, but now they’re giving me recommendations for blends.

When I was in today, my buddy Matt suggested mixing their Hop Circle IPA with their Bizarro anniversary Berliner Weisse.


If you aren’t familiar with these beers, Hop Circle is an IPA that uses a blend of north-west hops to create a high IBU blend that many would refer to as a hop bomb. It’s not my favourite in their IPA line-up—that would be Green Reaper, Apteryx, and Mozaic, which I feel have a more rounded profile (then their is their Amnesiac DIPA,which is the god of all!). Bizarro is a traditional Berliner Weisse, which is a traditional German cloudy, sour, white beer—it has a nice, subtle lactic acid taste that creates a refreshing summer beer with a more refined tartness than modern sours.

How do they fair when combined? Amazingly well! The light profile of the Bizarro offset some of the bitterness of the hops and really let the citrus/grapefruit character shine through.

If you are looking for a little extra buzz over the 3.4% of the Bizarro, creating a 50/50 blend with the 6.5% Hop Circle makes it come out around 4.95%.

I would highly recommend trying this mix out. Got down there before they retire the Bizarro for their fall seasonals!