Fernie Releases Oiiipa Aussie IPA

Fernie Brewing in Fernie BC has announced the release of their new Oiiipa Aussie IPA.

Part of their rotating IPA Series OiiiPA Aussie IPA uses a similar malt base to their popular Lone Wolf IPA, but is less bitter, with more late hop/dry hop additions. It is said to be quite fruity and tropical in flavour, featuring Enigma and Vic Secret hops, which are two newer Aussie varieties not seen much in BC, along with Galaxy, Ella, and Topaz.

It will be available soon at select liquor stores throughout BC and on tap at select locations throughout the Kootenays, Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Okanagan, and Alberta.

Style: Aussie IPA
Malt: 2 row, Munich, Carapils, Carastan
Hops: Enigma, Vic Secret, Galaxy, Ella, Topaz
Availability: October-November 2017
ALC: 6.7% IBU: 60 Size: 650ml




Two Wolves Brewing Releases Inaugural Beers

twowolvesTwo Wolves Brewing is a new brewery operating out of Vancouver’s first contract brewery, Factory Brewing.

This month, they are set to release their first two beers, their Arctic Blonde Ale and Great Plains Brown Ale.

Find out more below:

Vancouver, BC— New beer brand Two Wolves Brewing Inc. (Two Wolves) announces its launch with the release of two pure Canadian beers, available in July 2017.

The British Columbian start-up partnered with award-winning brewer Warren Boyer to produce its range, which is inspired by an old legend of the same name. To create a harmony between light and dark sides within us all, Two Wolves presents a bright Arctic Blonde Ale for the light side and a smooth, rich Great Plains Brown Ale to soothe the darker character.

The namesake story is a teaching about life and the struggle within us to be good or evil. The side that wins is dependent on which wolf one chooses to ‘feed’. It is the brainchild of Canadian hospitality veteran David Chadwick and like David, Two Wolves comes alive in the outdoors.

“Canada is a great country. I have spent my whole life filling weekends with trips to the wilderness and making the most of what’s around me. Adventuring is what Canadians do, it’s a part of our lifestyle—and the best part is it is available to everyone,” said David Chadwick, CEO and Founder, Two Wolves.

He continued, “That’s what our company ethos is about. We want to make great beers that everyone can enjoy—flavours you can come back to time and time again, whether it’s with your friends in a pub or packed with your camping gear.”

“Our aim is to connect beer drinkers back to the outdoors and encourage them to explore both sides. Wherever they are, Two Wolves will be there with them, because we are from there too.”

Two Wolves Brewing will be donating five cents from the sale of every can and bottle across the country to supporting the protection of wolf habitats in Canada and aiding in the prevention of their extinction. “Wolves are critical to the eco-system of this country” says Chadwick, “It is something that we are passionate about and we want to do our part to ensure that 100 years from now they are still thriving.”

You can find Two Wolves beer in retail outlets and hospitality establishments throughout Western Canada from July 2017.

The beer is produced in Vancouver by Factory Brewing Ltd., on behalf of Two Wolves Brewing Inc.

Two Wolves Brewing Arctic Blonde Ale

Our light brew, Two Wolves Arctic Blonde Ale is an approachable, easy- drinking beer that is visually appealing and has no dominating malt or hop characteristics. Rounded and smooth, it’s a Canadian classic – just a no frills beer with great taste and a clean finish.

16 IBU (International Bitterness Units) / 5.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

Two Wolves Brewing Great Plains Brown Ale

Our dark brew, Two Wolves Great Plains Brown Ale is a well-balanced beer with a deep copper colour and aromas of roasted malt, cocoa and caramel. This highly engaging beer is medium bodied and bright with a high carbonation and pairs well with most foods.

18 IBU (International Bitterness Units) / 5.5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume)


Morning Star and Night Owl Brewing Latest Additions to Callister Co-Op

callister.pngCallister Brewing is a brewery incubator based out of East Vancouver. Callister Brewing is the permanent brewery and other breweries operate out of the location on one-year contracts.

Previous members include Machine Ales (now Superflux) and Boombox.

The latest breweries to join the co-op are Morningstar Brewing and Night Owl Brewing.

Morningstar held a soft release of their first small batch beer on June 2. Called Early Riser, this Belgian ISA sold out within just 3.5 hours and received great reviews. They are now hard at work brewing their first proper batch at Callister, which will be called Immortal Peach.

Night Owl released their first pilot batch on June 15, called Side Hustle. This 7% IPA was brewed with a pilsner malt base, and hopped with galaxy, cascade, and a ton of citra. It was said to be highly aromatic with low bitterness.

I can’t wait to check them out on my next Vancouver trip.


Île Sauvage Brewing to Open in Victoria by Late Summer 2017

Île Sauvage.jpgLater this summer, Victoria’s Rock Bay district will be gaining its sixth brewery, when Île Sauvage Brewing Co. opens its doors at 2960 Bridge St, in the building formerly occupied by Pizzeria Prima Strada.

The brewery is a join venture between head brewer Stephane Turcotte and two of his close friends who share his passion for great beer. They aim to open the brewery and tasting room by September 1, followed by a full lounge some time in early 2018.

Île Sauvage is French for “Wild Island” and is a dual reference to the wild environs of Vancouver Island and the brewery’s main focus on Belgian-style wild ales and sours— making use of Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, and Pediococcus fermentations, as well as secondary fermentations with fruit.

They plan to use some stainless steel tanks but also a huge assortment of oak-ageing vessels. At opening, they will offer a number of beers produced using sour worting methods, but in the long run they plan to release more and more blended, oak-aged sour beers.

Turcotte’s main goal as a brewer is to release beers that excite him and his palate; therefore, a lot of the beers will make use of fermentation-derived flavours, dry-hopping, and local fruit refermentations.

Turcotte was inspired to start brewing by his father, who had been a hobby winemaker for over 30 years. When he went to UVic, he made a few beers at a local U-brew and got a taste for homebrewing.

galmegi.jpegAfter university, he moved to Korea where he met his wife and was dismayed with the local beer options. This prompted him to form a homebrew collective with some friends and they pooled their money to rig up an all-grain system and a Kegerator.  They home-brewed so much that that it led to them opening a craft beer bar, followed by an actual brewpub called Galmegi Brewing Co. in Busan, South Korea.

Turcotte managed the original craft beer bar, before going on to serve as head brewer, part owner, and CEO of Galmegi for two and a half years. Following this he went on to study a brewing course through Siebel and gained his Cicerone certification.

4mile.jpegCurrently, he is working as a brewer at 4 Mile Brewing, where he is also helping to modernize their beers, designing new recipes, designing bottle labels, and keeping their social media up to date.

If you have noticed their new Mosaic Session IPA on shelves, this is one where he designed the recipe, brewed the beer, and designed the label. It’s also a ridiculously tasty session IPA, so make sure to pick one up.

I’ll be sure to post more information closer to the date and plan be there on opening  day to report back on the beers on offer.

Mount Arrowsmith Brewing is Now Open in Parksville

mountarrowsmith.pngBC’s latest brewery, Mount Arrowsmith Brewing opened in Parksville this weekend and the feedback so far seems to be great!

The brewery was founded by head brewer David Woodward, who studied brewery science in the UK, before working at Whistler Brewing for five years, then going on to be head brewer at Tofino Brewing, and most recently Axe & Barrel. Being born and raised in Parksville, this new venture sees him return to his hometown.

The brewery is located at 109-425 Stanford Ave. E., and features a tasting room and retail shop where you can purchase growler fills and packaged products. They are open seven days a week from 11:30 to 19:30, which is impressive for a newly opened brewery!

I hope to hit them up this summer when I aim to cycle up island and head over to Townsite. Wish me luck!

At opening they have four beers on offer:

Comfortably Chum
Hefeweizen — 5.5% Alc./Vol.

A traditional German style Hefeweizen with Canadian pilsner & brewed with malted wheat. A special German wheat beer strain adds a fantastic bouquet aroma & flavours of banana & clove. Lightly hopped with German Hallertau & finished with sweet orange peel. A complex recipe for simple pleasure. Best enjoyed in a glass.

Availability: Bombers, On Tap, Kegs

Salish Sea
Pale Ale — 5% Alc./Vol.

West Coast Pale Ale brewed with a combination of quality Canadian pale & British Crystal malts, Caramalt & a touch of malted wheat. Additions of flavourful West Coast, Mosaic & Chinook hops complete this beer with a citrus fruit characteristic. Best enjoyed in a glass.

Availability: Bombers, On Tap, Kegs

Jagged Face
Indian Pale Ale (IPA) — 7.2% Alc./Vol.

Canadian pale & Munich malt complement select tropical hops including Centennial, Citra & Amarillo to create our flavourful version of a well balanced, but powerful IPA. Best enjoyed in a glass.

Availability: Bombers, On Tap, Kegs

Arrowsmith Blonde
Blonde Ale (IPA) — 4.8% Alc./Vol.

An occasion-enhancing, easy drinking West Coast Ale brewed with Canadian pilsner, Caramalt & Munich malts. Cascade hops & our house ale strain complete an exceptional ale, adding a light grapefruit flavour & fruit aroma to a clean, dry finish. Best enjoyed in a glass.

Availability: Bombers, On Tap, Kegs


Owners of Merridale plan to Open Dockside Brewery and Distillery in Victoria

2602.jpgThe Times Colonist has reported that Janet Docherty and Rick Pipe, the owners of Cobble Hill’s Merridale Cidery and Distillery, are planning to open a sister business called Dockside Brewery and Distillery, based out of the Dockside Green area of Vic West .

Much like their Cobblehill location, they plan to distill whisky, gin and vodka at the location, using all-local ingredients. However, instead of brewing cider, this location will brew their first line of beers.

As well as a production facility, they plan to open a pizzeria and tasting bar with indoor seating for 50 people and a rooftop patio with seating for an additional 35. They will also be offering regular tours of the operation.

Apparently, they chose the location because of Dockside Green’s commitment to sustainability by meeting LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) standards and plan to employ a number of environmentally friendly practices at the facility.

Read the original story here.



Evil Beer Review: Son of the Morning 2017 by Driftwood Brewery

Sonofthemorning.jpgDeep in the bowels of Driftwood brewery lurks a collection of sinister equipment, adorned with pentagrams and inverted crosses. Rumour has it that the equipment is possessed and anyone who brews on it is never the same again. Not even a young priest and an old priest can save their souls.

However, once a year, their bravest and most foolhardy brewer dares to venture into the darkness, where they brew up a batch of the world’s most evil beer: Son of the Morning!

Who needs a soul when you have great beer?



A strong beer with a devilish name, following the Belgian tradition of giving this style of beer a satanic moniker. Also a tribute to metalheads everywhere \m/. Dry, effervescent, and deceptively drinkable.

Thou fallen fiend, bringer of light and death,
The word made fleshless, ripp’d at toothèd breath.
Though slave’d on high, inferno thou dost reign
In bloodless blood and crown of baphometh.
Return, O shining one, O Helel Ben Shahar,
Son of the Morning, rise again!


  • 650 ml bomber bottle
  • 10% ABV

Tasting notes:

This beer poured out a clear golden hue, with a finger of foamy white head that dissipated quickly and left a light ring of lacing.

The nose was rich with Belgian yeast character: spicy phenol notes of pepper, clove, and coriander, accompanied by fruity ester notes of pear, apple, and orange. There was also a light aroma of perfumy floral hops, and soft perfumy alcohol.

The palate was a great blend of the aforementioned fruity esters, peppery phenols, spicy hops, and soft, sweet alcohol. Everything is balanced by a bready and doughy malt backbone.  The finish was dry with a touch of lingering biterness from the hops and the yeast phenols.

The mouthfeel was medium bodied and smooth with moderate, effervescent carbonation. As you’d expect from a 10% beer, there was a lot of alcohol warmth.

This is a decidedly North American take on a Belgian Strong, the spicy phenols and and hop bitterness are a little bit more prominent than in a more traditional example like Duvel, but we are talking about a beer called Son of the Morning that has an invocation to Satan on the label, so I’d be mad if it was all light and fruity!

This is not a beer for the faint of heart. With an assertively spicy palate and 10% ABV, this is a big and bold beer worthy of the lightbringer himself. If drinking consecrated wine is like drinking the blood of Christ, then this unholy beer is like drinking the blood of Lucifer himself.

Overall Rating: 6.66/6.66

Serving temp: 12-14C

Music pairing: Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Deicide, Rotting Christ, Morbid Angel

Glassware: Chalice, tulip, the skull of your enemy