Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes—Aug 7–13

20170809_234346Well, shit! That was a really big week. I had a few bottles at home, then went to the pub, then went to the Cowichan Craft Beer Festival, than a rare beer tap takeover at Smiths, then did a Vancouver Brewery crawl.

I think I tried about 83 unique beers. I didn’t have time to make notes on most, as I was with people and was a little tipsy, but here’s about half.

I don’t tend to make notes when I’ve am festivals or at tap takeovers, as time is of the essence.

Bottles & Cans

Bachelor Pad by Twin Sails Brewing

This smooth East Coast Double IPa had hop-forward aromas of pineapple, mango, orange peel, and a touch of dank. The body was hazy and the mouthfeel was incredibly smooth.

Blackberry Festivale by Townsite Brewing

This had a really nice and natural blackberry taste with a touch of banana. It finished medium-sweet. I don’t normally like fruit beers, but this was great!

Lush Crush by Twin Sails BrewingIMG_20170810_234757

For a session pale ale, this one had a really hop-forward aroma, with bright fruity notes of citrus and tropical fruit. The mouthfeel was really silky from the added oats.

Barrel Aged Ale Refermented With Rhubarb by Kettle River Brewing

This one-year barrel-aged beer had a light rhubarb flavour with hints of oak and red wine. It was a touch tart with and a dry finish.

White & Lazy IPA by Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co.

This white IPA had hoppy citrus and tropical fruit notes on the nose. The body was wheaty and slightly spicy with a nice dry finish.

Black Sheep by White Pony Microbrewery

This imperial stout was rich and creamy with roasted malt flavours and notes of caramel, molasses, chocolate, caramel, and dark fruits. The finish was dry and quote boozy.

Berliner Geist by Strange Fellows BrewingIMG_20170812_020050

This first first release from the Strange Fellows 2017 Fellowship programme was a mildly sour gose with a touch of funk and hints of vanilla and oak. It was refreshing and effervescent.

The City Never Sleeps by Gigantic Brewing Company

This black saison had toasted malt notes of coffee, liquorice, and dark fruits with hints of saison yeast spiciness and a dry finish.

The Great Grätzer by Moody Ales

This smoked wheat ale had moderate peaty smokiness with a wheaty body and a touch of umami. This finish was dry and dusty.

Two Evil: Pachamama Porter by Two Roads Brewing & Evil Twin Brwing

This collaboration was brewed with  sweet potatoes, purple mais and aji panca chili peppers. It was mildly spicy and quite sweet with a touch of starchiness, along with roasted malt flavours of coffee and chocolate.

Antwerpen by Dageraad Brewing20170813_151008

This is a fantastic triple with a nose of Earthy and herbal noble hops and floral alcohol. The body was spicy and fruity with a touch of pepper, coriander,  banana, and pear. The finish was warming and dry.

Light Saison by Field House Brewing Co.

This light saison was mildly tart with a touch of saison yeast spice and a hint of citrus from the lemongrass.

On Tap

The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery

This is possibly one of the best imperial stouts in the world. It had complex and intese notes of bourbon, molasses, liquorice, coffee, chocolate, oak, and a hint of red wine. The finish was boozy.

Blackberry Berliner Weisse by Strathcona Beer Company20170813_205342

This one had a decent blackberry flavour, and was tart, sweet, and fruity. It was a little too sweet thoughout for me and everyone else who tried it.

Must Be Dreamin’ by Twin Sails Brewing

This double IPA was brewed with grape must. The Pinot Noir grapes really came through and complement the fruity/citrus notes from the hops.

Cash Only by Twin Sails Brewing

This East Coast DIPA was super cloudy and smooth with notes of orange peel, melon, and pine. It was dangerously crushable for a beer with 10.3% ABV.

Raquira by Andina Brewing Company

Roasty dark malts with an interesting tropical fruitiness.

Ocaso Evergreen Red Ale by Andina Brewing Company

Piney and spicy with roasty caramel malt.


Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes: July 31–Aug 6 (19 Unique Beers)

Bottles & Cans


Vigneronne (2016) by Brasserie Cantillon

This was packed with huge bright and fruity Muscat grape flavours, with a delectable vinous character and undertones of oak. The mouthfeel was lightly tart, with tingling acidity on the tongue.

Kriek 100% Lambic Bio (2016) by Brasserie Cantillon

This had so much wonderful fresh cherry flavour. This was a young sample so the fruit took dominance over the lambic character; however, it was still tart with a touch of funk

Abt 12 (2016) by Brouwerij St. Bernardus

This Belgian quad was full-bodied and dark with a nose of apricots and orange The palate was complex and malty with a bitter-sweet finish and a nice hop bite.

Mochaccino Messiah by To Øl

The coffee brown ale had big coffee and chocolate notes with a super malty body and sweet, smooth finish from the addition of lactose.


Clean Saison by Burdock

This classic saison was clean, and crisp with a touch of dry clove character from the yest. In fact, it was an almost perfect Saison Dupont clone.

A Blessing And A Curse by Left Hand Brewing Company

This big double IPA had a big nose of citrus, pine, and tropical fruits, with a caramel malt body. It was rather dank on the palate with a bitter finish.

Wild Marmalade Farmhouse // Coolship Collaboration Series 04/04 by Field House Brewing Co. & Four Winds Brewing

Clove spiciness from the phenols with very subtle orange and lemon. Touch of funk-lite in the finish.

ReQueened Honey Ale by Foamers’ Folly Brewing Co.

Rich notes of honey and toffee. Sweet in the middle, but finishes crisp and dry.

Go Get It by Yellow Dog Brewing Co

Tons of lime and just the right amount of ginger to give it a spicy kick. Very tingling on the tongue from the lactic acid.

Currant-ly Unavailable Blonde Ale by Riot Brewing Co.

Getting blackcurrants and raspberry. Slight tartness. A wee bit sweet on the finish.

Mating Saison by Dogwood Brewing & Calliser Brewing

Nice twist on the classic saison: clove-like spice from the phenols and banana and pear from the phenols, with a dusty spiciness from the rye.

Junk Punch IPA by Riot Brewing Co.


A nicely balanced day-to-day IPA with classic citrus and tropical fruit hop character and a biscuity malt base.

Killer Cucumber Ale by Steamworks Brewing Company

Light and easy-drinking with a refreshing hint of cucumber and a touch of black pepper and citrus.

Green Magic IPA by Dead Frog Brewery

Decent West Coast IPA with tons of pine and a touch of citrus and tropical fruit. Bready malt body with a relatively balanced finish.

Trailer Park Boys Freedom 35 by Double Trouble Brewing

Let’s be honest, I bought it for the can. It’s not the worst cheap lager I’ve ever had though. Malty and not much else.

Affable IPA by Moody Ales

Classic West Coast IPA with pine, citrus, and a touch of mango from the hops and a doughy malt body.

On tap at The Drake


Black Butte XXVIII by Deschutes Brewery

A rich and heady mixture of scotch, bourbon, cocoa, vanilla, sweet orange peel, molasses, raisins, figs, and liquorice. Divine!

Notorious IPA³ by Boneyard Beer Company

An intense but well-balanced west coast IPA with pine and citrus on the nose and and a rich caramel malt body.

La Folie (Lips of Faith) by New Belgium Brewing Company

Puckering acetic acid sourness with notes of sour apple and cherry with earthy and oaky undertones. Rich and complex.

Mirror Pond Pale Ale by Deschutes Brewery

A nicely balanced pale with a smooth caramel malt body and citrus and floral notes on the nose from the Cascade hops.


Craft Beer Tasting Notes for July 24–30 (47 Unique Beers)

This was a big week! I went to a Callister tap takeover at Smiths, a Boneyard tap takeover at The Drake, an Off the Rails tap take over at Moon Under Water, and the Drake’s Thirsty Chef third anniversary event.

Bottles & Cans

Long Time No See by To Øl20170728_013004

Oh wow! If this beer was truly a mistake, as the label states, then it’s the tastiest one ever made. Coffee, Molasses, liquorice, and a touch of chocolate. Boozy!

Beastly Biscuit by To Øl

Rich biscuit and caramel notes with a touch of plum pudding. A proper English-style barley wine, not the hoppy American kind.

Two Straws—Peach by Twin Sails Brewing

Sort of like peaches and cream with the added creaminess from the lactose. Very smooth and fruity. Twin Sails is still the king of the milkshake IPA.

Avec Les Bons Voeux (2015) by Brasserie Dupont

Aged two years. Halfway between a saison and a triple: lemony with hints of pepper, banana and clove. Just divine!

Bois Sauvage Assemblage #1 by Townsite Brewing

Nice blend of the Bois Sauvage barrel-aged wild ale and the 7800 sour. Tingling lactic sour mixed with wild barnyard funk. Similar to the Cantillon Gueze.

Paulaner Salvator by Paulaner Brauerei

Grainy malts with hints of raisin and other dark dried fruits. Nice and boozy.

Maple & Thistle Rye Ale 150 by Innis & Gunn

Getting lots of maple and oak. Not sure about the thistle. It provides a slightly floral quality.

Farmhouse Classic by Bellwoods Brewery20170729_011738

Holy shit! This is pure horse blanket. The Brett is verging on obnoxious, but just avoids that medicinal flavour. Well played!

Maiden the Shade (2017) by Ninkasi Brewing Company

Super light and citrusy with notes of orange and grapefruit over a biscuity malt body.

Lucinda by Doan’s Craft Brewing Company

Crisp and refreshing malt body with subtle blackcurrant notes and gentle tartness. Medium-sweet finish.

At the Thirsty Chef III

Hop Slice Summer Ale by Deschutes Brewery20170729_125401

Floral and lemony with a rich caramel malt body. Light and sessionable with low bitterness.

Bloom – Farmhouse Ale With Cherry Blossoms by Four Winds Brewing

Amazing floral aroma. The palate has Cherry, almonds, citrus, and a touch of Brett funk. This is rather wonderful.

Lemongrass Wit by Swans Brewery

Loads of fresh lemon flavour from the lemongrass Tea and Lemondrop hops. Biscuity malt.

GFB by Green Flash Brewing Company

Mellow blonde ale with hints of honey and orange peel.

Hoppy Birthday (2017) by Alpine Beer Company

Nose is floral, citrus, pine. Solid malt backbone. decent West coast ISA.

Citra-Weiss by Persephone Brewing Company

Lots of mango and citrus on the nose. The body is super wheaty and extremely cloudy. The hefe yeast provides a touch of spice.

Lavender Sour Gruit by Moody Ales20170729_130720

The lavender really comes through on this one. The sourness was tingling on the tongue, but there was little-to-no bitterness

Solid! by Gigantic Brewing Company

Kumquat and orange hop aroma and flavor. Wheaty body. Moderately dry and bitter finish.

Göse by pFriem Family Brewers

Lightly tart and slightly salty, with notes of citrus and bready malt.

Hopocalypse Meow cask W/ Simcoe & Citra by Phillips Brewing Company

Big west-coast IPA with big earthy, piney, citrus, and tropical notes. Bitter finish.

Passionfruit Sour Ale (2017) by Breakside Brewery

Lots of passionfruit flavour, with puckering tartness and a medium-sweet finish.

Pretty Much Yeah by Superflux Beer Company

Citrus and passionfruit from the hops with a really smooth mouthfeel from the oats and lactose.

Stay Gold by Powell Brewery

Aromas of tropical fruits, pear, watermelon, and stone fruit. Smooth and mouthfeel from the malted oats and barley.

Pacific Wonderland by Deschutes Brewery20170729_153437

Bright, crisp and refreshing lager with a malty body highlighted by citrusy hop notes.

Helles Lager by pFriem Family Brewers

Candy-like malt with notes of grapefruit and pine

Kellerweis (2017) by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Dry and wheaty with hints of clove and banana from the yeast.

Straight Up Lager by Powell Brewery

Light-bodied, with bready and grainy malt

Irish Red Ale- Batch #0029 by Swans Brewery

Mellow toasted malt body with light caramel notes. Nice dry finish.

Callister tap takeover at Smiths

Kül Daddy Kölsh by Callister Brewing Co.

Clean, crisp, and grainy. Refreshing with a dry finish.

Short N’ Stout by Callister Brewing Co.

Touch of liquorice and chocolate. Dry finish.

Zwirbelbart by Callister Brewing Co.

Sweet bready malts with a touch of isoamyl banana taste.

1 Hop Mind Ahtanum by Callister Brewing Co.

Earthy, citrusy, and floral on the nose. Bit of grapefruit and sweet malt on the palate.

What the Dinkel? by Lightheart Brewing

Decent American saison with mild coriander spiciness and pear-like fruitiness.

Summer Saison by Night Owl

Light and fruity saison with just a touch of coriander-like spice.

Principia by MorningStar Brewing

Nice white IPA with a wheaty body and an orange hop nose. Low bitterness on the finish.

Mic Drop by Boombox Brewing Company

Probably the nest NE-style IPA I’ve ever had. The fact that it’s a triple IPA at 10% ABV is a bonus!

Cash Money IPA by Real Cask Brewing

Very dank and earthy with an incredibly bitter finish.

Pop Top Grapefruit IPA by Callister Brewing Co.

Decent citrus aromas and bitter finish.


Boneyard tap take over at Smiths

Bohnee by Boneyard Beer CompanyIMG_20170728_234427

Another big west coast IPA with tons of pine and resin.

Notorious IPA³ by Boneyard Beer Company

An intense but well-balanced west coast IPA with pine and citrus on the nose and and a rich caramel malt body.

RPM IPA by Boneyard Beer Company

Pineapple and citrus over biscuity malt. Maybe a bit soapy.

Bone-A-Fide by Boneyard Beer Company

Good pale with a touch of orange rind from the hops and a biscuity malt body.

Camper Van Kolsch by Boneyard Beer Company

Light, crisp, refreshing, with a touch of floral noble hops.

The the Off the Rails Tap takeover at Smiths

Passionfruit Hefeweizen by Off The Rail Brewing

Subtle passionfruit aroma and flavour. Slightly tart, with a wheaty body and medium-sweet finish.

Czechmate Pilsner by Off The Rail Brewing

Light-bodied, crisp, and refreshing with earthy, floral, and spicy notes from the Saaz hops.

On tap

The Last Strawberry Guava by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

The guava work so nicely against the strawberry. The dry wheat base offsets the sweetness to a degree.

Atma by Engine House No. 9

Farmhouse ale with clove-like spice and light fruitiness with a touch of brett funk.






Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes: July 17–23 (25 Beers)

The tasting notes are back! Sorry it’s been a while. The last few weeks have involved a couple of beer festivals and tap takeover and it’s impossible to take notes on all of the beers I taste at those things.

Bottles & Cans


Saint Lamvinus by Brasserie Cantillon
This beer was just heavenly. Wild fermented, then aged in Merlot barrels for 10 months, before being soaked on Merlot grapes for another 3 months. It was bright and fruity with tons of fresh Merlot grape flavour, followed by red wine, gentle Brett funk, and touch of oak.

The Muse & The Golden Promise by Cannery Brewing

Sweet, bready malts with earthy, piney hop aromas.

Vélo by Four Winds Brewing

Lemon, lime, orange, a touch of grapefruit and salt. Crackery malt base. Very thirst-quenching.

Pilsner by Twin Sails Brewing

Nice, crisp and refreshing Pilsner with grainy/bready malts and earthy/floral noble hops.

NOOM by Burdock

Wow! That was boozy. Strong cognac character and notes of cherry, chocolate, and coffee. Like a Black Forest cake.

Strange Resemblance by Strange Fellows Brewing

Bright and fruity with notes of pineapple and lychee. Refreshing, dry finish.

Cherry Jelly King by Bellwoods Brewery

An interesting variant of Jelly King with rich cherry notes. Doesn’t have that cherry medicine taste you often get, more like cherry lollipop.

Flanders Red by pFriem Family BrewersIMG_20170721_011443

Lots of cherries, plums, oak, vanilla, and a touch of vinous and tabbaco. Maybe a touch thin.

3rd Anniversary Hoppy Tripel by Main Street Brewing Company

This was really nice. The spicy and fruity notes of the Belgian yeast work nicely with the big resinous West Coast hop flavours.

Coorinna by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Light and refreshing with lots of pepper, lime, lemon, and tropical fruit notes.

C.R.E.A.M. Key Lime Milkshake IPA by Dead Frog Brewery

Getting some lime and a little lactose sweetness, but not as smooth as I’d like. Better than the Phillips one

778 IPA by Faculty Brewing

Lots of tropical fruit and citrus aromatics with a nice extra bitter bite.

Agent Orange IPA by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks20170722_212056

Subtle orange and tropical fruit notes. The orange peel augments the citrus notes of the hops. Doesn’t taste like kitchen cleaner like some orange IPAs

Old Chub by Oskar Blues Brewery

Malt-rich with notes of caramel, brown sugar, molasses, dark fruits, and chocolate.

Dangerously Close To Stupid by To Øl

Best triple IPA I’ve ever had. Rich caramel malt body with aromas of floral and citrus from the Centennial and Citra. Dangerously crushable.

Vélo by Four Winds Brewing

Lemon, lime, orange, a touch of grapefruit and salt. Crackery malt base. Very thirst-quenching.


241 MinzeWeizen by Faculty Brewing

This was surprisingly delicious. The mint was subtle but bright over the wheaty base and made the tongue tingle. Refreshing!

Tempus Corvi 2017 by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Lemon, apple, tons of funk, oak, and a touch of spice. Very complex.

Zunga Golden Blonde Ale by Townsite Brewing

Nice blonde with subtle floral and spicy notes from the European hops, moderate bitterness, and a refreshing, dry finish.

Hop Lion by Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom

Big hop notes of tropical fruit, resin, dank pine, and tangerine, with a bready malt base.

Kingdom by Four Winds Brewing at Smiths Pub20170720_001142

Herbal and floral like a British IPA but with nice oak notes. Moderate bitterness.

Frambuesa Moka by Engine House No. 9

Rich notes of Raspberry and chocolate with subtle oakiness and gentle sourness.

Blonde IPA by pFriem Family Brewers

Light and balanced with candy-like malt and hop notes of grapefruit and pine.

Hound Of Barkerville by Barkerville Brewing Co.

Nice brown ale with notes of honey and molasses. Smooth finish.

Nectarous: Dry-Hopped Sour by Four Winds Brewing

Papaya, mango, guava. Tart lactic acid sourness. One of the best dry-hopped sours out there.

Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes: June 19–25

Another week, another 27 unique beers. I shall soon be the king of Untappd!


Bottle & Cans

Smoked Hefeweizen by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Lightly smokey and wheaty, with banana notes from the yeast and a dry finish. I’d actually like a little more smoke, but I’m weird like that.

Royal City Ale by Steel & Oak Brewing Co. 

Fruity hops, grainy malt, spicy and easy drinking.

Shiny Things IPA by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Crisp Pilsner malt with piney hop biterness and aromas of honey dew, tangerine, strawberry, and lemon grass. The oats provided a smooth mouthfeel.

Dinosour Blackberry Sour Ale by Phillips Brewing Company

Decent kettle sour with lots of blackberry candy flavour. Not too sweet. Quite tart, but could do with a bit more complexity.

The Brown Note by Against the Grain Brewery

This was a really delicious brown ale with toasty malt notes of chocolate and caramel, but then there’s citrus and floral notes from the hops! Try not to look at the image on the can when you drink it!

Sour Series: 7800 Saison by Townsite Brewing

Mild citric acid tartness. Peppery from the yeast, slightly spicy from the hops, grainy, with a nice dry finish.

Juniper Lime Ale by Vancouver Island Brewing

Light and refreshing. The lime and juniper comes through really nicely. It’s quite a bit like a gimlet. Carbonation was on the lower side.

Numbskull El Dorado Edition by Lighthouse Brewing Company

The El Dorado hops bring aromas of pear, watermelon, and stone fruit. It finishes with a nice, satifying bitterness. I might like this more than the original!

Hiatus by Category 12 Brewing

This might be my perfect summer beer. The cucumber and lime combine so perfectly with the earthy, rustic character of the Norwegian yeast.

High Socks by Twin Sails Brewing

Batch #2. Even better than the first. The Mosaic hops bring tons of tropical fruit flavour and a touch of dankness.

Frooty Call by Twin Sails Brewing

Tons of natural raspberry flavour with bright hop notes and a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. One of the best milkshake IPAs I’ve ever had.

Pénombre by Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!

A wonderful black IPA with piney hops and roasty malt notes of chocolate and coffee.

Booming Rollers (2017) by Modern Times Beer

Nice tropical and citrus nose. Lighter bodied biscuit malt. Very crushable.

Kamen Knuddeln by Against the Grain Brewery

Tart cherries with dark malt notes of chocolate. They call it a Kentuky Common, but I don’t think those are supposed to be sour. Weird!

Garden of Eden by To Øl

Big hop notes of papaya, guava, and some berries with a little spice.

Arrowsmith Blonde Ale by Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Co.

An easygoing blonde with some floral hop aroma.

On Tap

Tempus Corvi 2017 by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Lemon, apple, tons of funk, oak, and a touch of spice. Very complex.

Azacca Hop Kettle Sour by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Mild citric acidity with hop notes of mango, papaya, orange, grapefruit, and pine.

Sang Du Merle (2016) by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Ripe blackberries, currants, cherries, balsamic, funk, red wine oak. Very complex.

Oud King Crow 2015 by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Tart cherries, plums, vinous red grapes. Balsamic acetic sourness. Touch of funk with lots of oak.

Dime Bag by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

I love this. You can really taste the sour keys, and they play so wonderfully with the fruit and funk from the Brett and the hops.

Kokako 2016 by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Gentle tartness and mild funk with pears, kiwi, and a touch of oak.

Saison Blanc by Dageraad Brewing

Wheaty, yeast, red apples, dry and refreshing.

Nebulousness by Brassneck Brewery

Fruity, juicy, and smooth, but missing the NE haze.

Hit the Deck New England IPA by Fernie Brewing Company

Citrusy and smooth, but not really an NE IPA. It can’t decide what it wants to be.

Farmhouse Honey Ale by Persephone Brewing Company

Nice honey sweetness with peppery yeast, earthy hops, and grainy. Off-dry finish.

Naughty Hildegard by Driftwood Brewery

I love it, but let’s be honest, it’s more like an IPA than a bitter.

Vienna Amber Lager by Hoyne Brewing

Earthy and spicy noble hops. Crisp and clean.


Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes—June 12–18 (26 Beers)

Sorry I skipped a week. I wasn’t having the greatest time, also I went to Hopoxia, so there would be far too many beers to review!

The Red Racer Across the Nation Beers should really be in here, but most of them weren’t worth reviewing…

Bottles, Cans, and Growlers

Frooty Call by Twin Sails Brewing

Tons of natural raspberry flavour with bright hop notes and a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. One of the best milkshake IPAs I’ve ever had.

Juicy Double by Foamers’ Folly

You wouldn’t think that strawberries would work in an IPA, but they really augmented the flavours of this big fruity hop bomb. The oats added a really nice element to the mouthfeel that made it almost like an North East IPA and the 9.1% ABV was concealed incredibly well. Full review.

 St-Ambroise Porter Baltique by Brasserie McAuslan (St-Ambroise)

Thick and heavy. Liquorice, molasses, chocolate, and a touch of coffee. A perfect summer beer. 😉

R&D Brett Saison by Category 12 Brewing

Complex fruity and spicy palate with a lovely dry finish. Plums, cherries, and pear. So good.

Tip Hop Spruce White IPA by Dead Frog Brewery

This was a decent white IPA. It was wheaty with subtle spruce flavour to compliment the piney and citrusy aroma from the Simco hops.

7800 Saison by Townsite Brewing

A classic Belgian-style saison. Pepper and a touch of fruit from the yeast, slightly spicy from the hops, grainy, with a nice dry finish.

St-Ambroise Abricot (Apricot Wheat Ale) by Brasserie McAuslan (St-Ambroise)

Nice apricot flavour. Tart and refreshing, but a little sweet. You’d think the wheat would offset the sweetness, but I guess not.

Takumi Saskatoon Berry Wheat Sour by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks

I’ve never had a Saskatoonberry before, but if this is anything no go by, they are delicious. It had a nice subtle lactic tartness and was really juicy and refreshing.

187 On An Undercover Hop by Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Wow! Hop booooooomb! Tropical fruits and caramel malt. The booze is slightly concealed and will fuck you up.

6IX by Phillips Brewing Company

A big ol’ NW hop bomb with tons of pine, resin, and a touch of citrus and fruit.

Happyness by Superflux Beer Company

East meets wets in this really nicely balanced IPA with tons of pine and citrus notes from the citra and mosiac hops. It’s not quite on a level with Colour & Shape, but it’s darn close!

Dark Ale by Fort Garry Brewing Company

I’m not usually a big fan of English milds, but the dark malt added a nice bit of nutiness.

Lemongrass Saison by Maui Brewing Company

Light, citrusy, and spicey from the Belgian yeast. Doesn’t have the vegetal quality of some lemongrass beers I’ve tried.

Loose Canoe by Kettle River Brewing

An easy drinking and well balanced golden IPA with tons of citrus and resinous hop aroma. This is the first Kettle River beer I’ve tried. I hope I can get my hands on some more!

Meneer de Uil – Bowmore BA by Het Uiltje

Smokey and peaty with chocolate, dark fruits and molasses. A little boozy, but in a good way.

Smoked Lager by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

I really liked this. The smoke ws subtle and not overpowering while the body was crisp and malty.

Surveyor IPA by Coast Mountain Brewing

This was a big west cost IPA. The hops were packed with aromas and flavours of pine and resin.

Pomo-PDX Brett IPA by Yellow Dog Brewing Co

The hops bring floral, citrus, and resinous aromas, while the brett brings berries and mild funk. The caramel malt balances it all out. The finish is bitter and satisfying.

On Draft

Sticker Fight by Boneyard Beer Company

I big NW DIPA. Great combo of tropical, citrus, and pine hops, with underlying caramel malt.

Kingdom by Four Winds Brewing

They call this an English-style IPA, but it was waaaaaaay better than an English IPA I’ve ever had. It wash erbal, oaky, and wonderfully bitter. You can definitely taste the 9%. I hope they bottle this!

Easy Tiger by Superflux Beer Company

I really don’t like ISAs, but this was juicy AF. Tropical and citrus hops, and so smoooooooth.

Nectarine Dream by Cascade Brewing Company (USA)

This was like a boozy and oaky tangerine. Possibly one of the best sours I’ve ever tasted. Their might have been a little salt in there from my tears.

Store St. IPA by Harbour Brewpubs Collective

Nice bit of mango flavour to complement the citrus and tropical fruit from the hops. Low bitterness and quite crushable.

Watermelon Kolsch by Canoe Brewpub

Subtle watermelon taste and slightly tart. A little astringent.

White IPA by Canoe Brewpub

Light and easy-going. Wheaty with mild yeast flavour and gentle hops.

Dark Ale by Canoe Brewpub

Decent pub ale with a little toasty dark malt that gives hints of coffee and cacao.


Craft Beer Tasting Notes for the Week of May 29–Jun 4 (24 unique beers)

It’s baaaaack! I had to take a couple of weeks off, because I drank way more than I had time to review with pub crawls, special events, my birthday, and my epic Vancouver brewery crawl. This week was pretty reasonable, though, so enjoy!


Disco Nap by Twin Sails Brewing at Frank White’s Dive Store

Hoppy tropical fruit notes of pineapple, papaya, and mango, with citrus notes of melon, orange peel, and lime, plus a touch of pine. Full review.

All the Right Moves by Twin Sails Brewing

Juicy as a mofor. Tropical fruit and citrus with biscuit malt. Smooth, creamy, and dangerously crushable.

Blueberry Yum Yum by Twin Sails Brewing

Lot of blueberry flavour. Juicy, with mild tartness. I found the finish a little sweet, though.

Raspberry Wheat Ale by Trading Post Brewing

I didn’t like this one at all. It was way too sweet and the raspberry tasted a little artificial.

Cumulus Lupulus by Powell Brewery

Light and mildly tart tart session ale with lots of citrus and tropical hop aroma and flavour. Super juicy!


Colour & Shape by Superflux Beer Company

Just perfection. So smooth and juicy with tons of tropical fruit hop aroma. Full review.

Lemongrass Saison by Maui Brewing Company

Light lemongrass flavour that doesn’t come across as vegetal, with a touch of citrus and grape from the hops.

Braveheart Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Company

Tons of caramel and bready malt. Smooth as hell with the nitro.

Pomo-PDX Brett IPA by Yellow Dog Brewing Co & Breakside Brewery

This was an amazing Brett IPA.  It was so fruity, funky, and bitter!

VCBW Hazy Pale (2017) by Yellow Dog Brewing Co / Twin Sails / Moody Ales / The Parkside Brewery

This was really juicy with tons of passionfruit and guava flavour. It was a lot like a mix between Dat Juice and a radler.

Subaquatic Domicile IPA by Hearthstone Brewery

I liked this, but I wasn’t too wild about the addition of pineapple juice. I feel like disco nap tasted like pineapple without the need to add juice. I guess I’m not a big radler fan.

Beach Radler by Strathcona Beer Company

This is actually the first radler I’ve ever really liked. It’s super juicy and the lemon and mandarin flavour comes through really nicely.

Treeline Lager by Coast Mountain Brewing

Clean, crisp. Pretty standard.

Jolly Hopper Imperial IPA by Spinnakers

Hoppy notes of pine, mango and grapefruit, with a strong malt background that offsets the bitterness nicely.

Weekend Plans by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Light and crushable with a smooth mouthfeel. The taste wasn’t all that memorable though.

The Bandit Kolsch by Bomber Brewing

Crisp and clean. Is that Canuck the East Van crow on the label?

Cool Hand Cuke by Hearthstone Brewery

This was really interesting—like a slightly tart and boozy cucumber water.

Bourbon Little Brother by The Commons Brewery

Tons of bourbon flavour, accompanied by notes of banana and clove from the Belgian yeast. Lots of alcohol warmth in the finish.

Year One Wild Saison by Field House Brewing Co.

This wild saison had a some nice Brett funk on the nose, with lemon and floral and spicy characteristics on the palate.

Agreste by Luppolo Brewing Company

A complex wild farmhouse ale with dark fruits and stone fruit on the nose, then citrus, pear, and subtle Brett funk on the palate. Bitter-sweet finish.

Tangerine Soul Style IPA by Green Flash Brewing Company

Huge tangerine nose, but the body was a bit soapy.

Kingdom by Four Winds Brewing

Herbal and floral like a British IPA but with nice oak notes. Moderate bitterness.

Ko Lanta by Dageraad Brewing

A smooth Belgian-style blonde with lots of lime, a touch of spice, and a nice yeast bite.

Night Watch Coffee Lager by Lighthouse Brewing Company

A nice clean and crisp lager with surprisingly strong coffee flavour.