Moody Ales Releases Huge Citrus Pale Ale

Moody Ales in Port Moody BC has released a new beer called Huge Citrus.

Huge Citrus is a pale ale inspired by the hazy North East IPA craze. They decided to use typical North West hops, leaving out the oats commonly used in that style.  This left them with a very juicy, well balanced beer with a lighter body than it’s North East cousins.

Huge Citrus gets a massive addition of Cascade and Mosaic hops late in the brew, and is then dry-hopped with copious amounts of Cascade and Mosaic hops while the yeast is still active, leaving a Huge Citrus aroma and flavour—notes of tropical fruit, stone fruit, orange, grapefruit, and pomelo.

They used Sacc Trois yeast to ferment this beer to really increase the juicyness, hazyness, and to add a bit of funk. This medium-to-light bodied beer is very well balanced, juicy, not sweet and VERY crushable.

It is available in the unusual format of 2-packs of 750ml cans.

  • Tasting notes: Tropical fruit, stone fruit, orange, grapefruit and pomelo. Finishes with a very balanced bitterness.
  • Pairs well with: Nothing too heavy. Light salads, charcuterie plates, or a good old fashioned backyard BBQ
  • Grains: Pale, Crystal 60, Acidulated Malt
  • Hops: Cascade, Mosaic
  • IBU: 35
  • SRM: 8
  • OG: 14.4P
  • FG: 3P

huge citrus

Twin Sails Releases Volcano King and Juice Plus Batch #3

Today, Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody BC released a new tasting room exclusive beer called Volcano King and a third batch of Juice Plus.

Volcano King  is a double milkshake IPA with pineapple and coconut. Over 400lbs of pineapple purée was added to this beer along with almost 50lbs of toasted coconut. It was then hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Motueka. They describe it as tasting just like a Piña Colada.

They have 55 cases available in the tasting room only with a limit of one case per person.

ABV: 8.3%


Juice Plus is a 100% Citra hopped IPA that is the big brother of Dat Juice. Brewed with flaked and malted wheat then dry hopped with huge amounts of Citra, this beer takes juicy to a whole other level.

They have 30 cases available in the tasting room, with a limit of one case per person. It is available for fills, with a limit of two per person. This beer will also be hitting stores late next week.

ABV: 7.5%

juice plus.jpg

Farmhouse Fest 2017 Announces List of Beers and Ciders

farmhouse.jpgFarmhouse Fest is an annual celebration of saisons and wild ales that is hosted at the UBC Farm. The event specializes in the funky, the fruity, the peppery, the estery, the tart, the dry, and the sour.

This year’s event will be held on Saturday, July 8th 2017 from 12pm to 6pm.

The list of beers for this year’s event has just been released and it is looking phenomenal.

I am very excited for this!

Beers & Ciders

    • Coq de la Marche(wine barrel-aged saison)
    • Fancy Lawyer Terms(wine barrel-aged bière de garde)
    • Blueberry Jack(wine barrel-aged saison, collab with Stillwater Artisan Ales)
    • Sunshine & Opportunity(wine barrel-aged saison)
    • Vanilla Cherry Dogpatch(wine barrel-aged saison)
    • White Label(wine barrel-aged saison)
    • Pirates Plank(oak-aged cider with bittersharp and bittersweet apples)
    • Spark!(cider with traditional and heirloom cider apples)
    • Chad King of the Wild Yeasts(hopped farmhouse ale, collab with Crooked Stave)
    • Tulsa Twister(farmhouse saison, collab with Prairie Artisan Ales)
    • Grange(farmhouse ale)
    • Keera’s Yard(bière de garde)
    • Mo’s(saison)
    • Mo’s w. Nettles(saison with nettles)
    • Mo’s w. Brett(saison with brett)
    • No Whey Bro(sour blond ale)
    • Pouring:
    • Against the Grain (KY)
    • Almanac Beer Co. (CA)
    • Bruery Terreux (CA)
    • Funkwerks (CO)
    • Jolly Pumpkin (MI)
    • Logsdon Farmhouse Ales (OR)
    • Modern Times Beer (CA)
    • Mollusk (WA)
    • Propolis Brewing (WA)
    • Stillwater Artisan Ales (MD)
    • Trinity Brewing (CO)
    • Farmageddon #11(blend of barrel-aged wild farmhouse ales)
    • Farmhouse Classic(brett saison)
    • Jelly King(dry-hopped sour ale)
    • Cherry Jelly King(dry-hopped sour ale with cherries)
    • Sidra Natural Bereziartua(Basque cider with native apple varietals)
    • Brett & Barley(sour barleywine)
    • Oud Bruin(oud bruin)
    • Pond Life(wild ale with fruit)
    • Gooze Cruze(sour ale aged in Bordeaux)
    • Josie’s Vacation(barrel fermented sour w/ kiwi & strawberry)
    • Love & Trust(barrel fermented sour w/ BC berries)
    • Mystify(barrel fermented sour)
    • Stockholm Syndrome(foudre-aged brett saison)
    • Viognier Changeling(kettle sour with viognier grape must)
    • more coming…
    • Lady in Satin(multi-culture Niepoort barrel-aged strong sour ale)
    • Salt & Sour(gose-like sour)
    • Beret(wild ale with raspberry)
    • Bumo(pinot noir wild saison)
    • Saison Du Must(barrel-aged brett saison with grape pomace)
    • Table Beer(mixed-culture saison)
    • Cardamom BlackCurrant(cider with estate-grown apples, cardamom, and black currant)
    • Lavender Raspberry(cider with estate-grown apples, lavender, and raspberry)
    • Callister – Blackberry Cardamom Soda(non-alcoholic)
    • Callister – Ginger Lemon Soda(non-alcoholic)
    • Callister – Gin Blossom(gin barrel aged grisette)
    • Morning Star – Aldebaran(Wallonian-style saison with Montmorency cherry)
    • Night Owl – Saison(mango saison)
    • Lightheart – Grisette(collab with Hors Categorie Brewing)
    • Brett Zeste Saison(brett saison with citrus juice & zest and black peppercorn)
    • Chardonnay(farmhouse ale aged in Chardonnay barrels)
    • Colorado(American-style wild ale)
    • Sanctuaire Brett(red wine barrel-aged tripel)
    • more coming…
    • Gueuze(classic Belgian gueuze)
    • Rosé de Gambrinus(Belgian lambic with raspberry)
    • Apricot(barrel-aged sour blonde ale with apricot)
    • Kriek(barrel-aged sour red ale with cherry)
    • Noyaux (white port barrel-aged sour blonde ale with raspberry & apricot noyaux)
    • PIA (red wine barrel-aged cassis sour)
    • Sour II (cabernet sauvignon barrel-aged kriek)
    • Sour III (red wine barrel-aged framboise)
    • Fleur de Blanc (spelt farmhouse ale with rose and elderflower)
    • Myrtle (Meridian-hopped farmhouse ale)
    • Pouring:
    • Burdock (ON)
    • Cantillon (Belgium)
    • Cascade (OR)
    • Commons (OR)
    • Engine No 9 (WA)
    • Freigeist Bierkultur (Germany)
    • pFriem Family Brewers (OR)
    • Upright Brewing (OR)
    • Farmhouse Ale (traditional multi-grain farmhouse ale)
    • Amber Kelderbier (brett-conditioned Belgian-style amber)
    • Entropy 2 (brett barrel-aged Belgian-style amber)
    • Randonneur (traditional Wallonian-style saison)
    • Rhythm Section (saison with spices, collab with Upright Brewing)
    • more coming…
    • Solstice d’Ete Raspberry (sour wheat ale with raspberry)
    • Symbiose No. 11 – Réjean Contre-Attaque (barrel-aged blend of Brise-Vent and Dernière Volonté)
    • more coming…
    • Assemblage 6 (barrel-aged blend of raspberry saison, Kekriek, and sour cherry wheat ales)
    • Jane Doe – Assemblage Hors-Série #6 (tequila barrel-aged blend of blackcurrant & sour rye saison with Orange de Dunham)
    • more coming…
    • Atma (farmhouse ale)
    • Frambuesa Moka (whiskey barrel-aged sour choco-raspberry stout)
    • Funky Farmer Ralph (Merlot barrel-aged brett farmhouse ale)
    • Selcouth (barrel-aged farmhouse ale)
    • Tayberry Farmhouse (barrel-fermented brett ale with tayberry)
    • Foraged Saison (blackberry saison collab with Modern Times)
    • Dark Brett (dry-hopped dark brett ale)
    • Dark Sour (blueberry & blackberry sour ale)
    • Light Brett (dry-hopped light brett ale)
    • Light Sour (kiwi & rhubarb sour ale)
    • Bloom (Farmhouse Fest 2017 ale)
    • Fortunello (strong foudre-aged farmhouse ale with kumquat)
    • Norwegian Wood (dry-hopped Norwegian yeast saison)
    • Operis (red wine barrel-aged brett saison)
    • Pomona (apricot & nectarine sour ale)
    • Quadrennial (wood-aged dark sour with cassis)
    • Abraxxxas (smoked sour wheat ale)
    • Pear Abraxxxas (lichtenhainer with pear juice)
    • Blueberry Sour (blueberry kettle sour)
    • Shiori (peach kettle sour)
    • Takumi (saskatoon berry kettle sour)
    • Yuzu Berliner Weisse (yuzu berliner weisse)
    • Apricot Provincial (sour ale with apricot)
    • Raspberry Provincial (sour ale with raspberry)
    • Gose (sour gluten-free ale with salt)
    • Saison De Belge (gluten-free saison with Meyer lemon, buckwheat honey and pink peppercorn)
    • Corinth (barrel-femented sour ale with black currant)
    • Crystal Ship (oak-fermented saison)
    • Demonteller (foudre-aged saison with Galaxy & Mosaic)
    • Raise The Dead (gin barrel-aged broyhan, collab with Freigeist Bierkultur)
    • Servants Table (table beer)
    • The Ox (oak-fermented saison with orange zest)
    • La Vida Improvisacion (dry-hopped oak-aged sour ale)
    • iO Saison (saison with rose hip, petal, and hibiscus)
    • Peche ‘n Brett (brett saison with peaches)
    • Seizoen Bretta (brett saison)
    • Agreste (wild farmhouse ale)
    • New World Sour (dry-hopped sour)
    • Norwegian Saison (gin barrel-aged brett saison)
    • Saison (wild saison with pear)
    • Oracle of the Bottle (red wine barrel-aged dark sour with Tempranillo grape must)
    • Thermometer Island (red wine barrel-aged saison with cara cara & blood orange)
    • Grisette Americana (grisette with corn and Northwest hops)
    • Hope (botanical wheat farmhouse ale)
    • Saison Du Mollusk (classic saison)
    • Belgian Peach Ale (barrel-aged brett ale)
    • Bière De Garde (bière de garde)
    • Dark Rye (sour saison)
    • Lavender Tart (floral gruit)
    • Kokako 2016 (French oak barrel-aged sour ale with kiwi)
    • Sange Du Merle 2016 (port barrel-aged sour with black currant)
    • Tempus Corvi 2017 (French oak barrel-aged sour ale)
    • Original (wild yeast fermented with cider & dessert apples)
    • Traditional Dry (wild yeast fermented cider with Okanagan-grown European and east coast heritage cider varieties)
    • Wild Barrel Ferment (spontaneous wild yeast fermented cider with 100% heritage cider apples)
    • Honey Farmhouse Ale (Belgian-style saison with wildflower honey)
    • Multigrain Saison (saison with barley, rye, wheat, corn & rice)
    • Passionfruit Sour (sour ale with passionfruit)
    • Abrikoos (lambic-style ale with apricot)
    • Lemon Saison (saison with lemon)
    • Pêche (lambic-style ale with peach)
    • Saison (classic saison)
    • Beltane (brett saison with elderflower)
    • Nootka (rose petal saison)
    • Brett Saison (barrel-aged brett saison)
    • Gose (gin barrel-aged gose with brett)
    • Saison (classic saison with spruce tips and flowering currant)
    • Sidra (Basque-style cider)
    • Sacrilege Sour Cherry (soured heritage dessert apple cider with pie cherries)
    • Dry (sparkling dry cider with English-style and Okanagan apples)
    • Nearly Dry (sparkling cider with traditional Okanagan-grown apple varieties)
    • Razz (cider with traditional Okanagan-grown apple varieties and raspberry)
    • The Basque (unfiltered natural yeast cider)
    • Best Exotic Marigold (wild ale with marigold petals)
    • Brett Saison (barrel-aged brett saison)
    • Peach Passionfruit Sour (sour ale with peach & passionfruit)
    • Coorinna (saison with Tasmanian pepperberries & NZ hops)
    • Redhaven (saison with peaches & cherrywood-smoked malt)
    • Timut (saison with peppercorns & kumquat, collab with Commons)
    • more coming…
    • Cellar Door (farmhouse wheat ale with white sage)
    • o Trabalho (Brazilian oak-aged sour ale, collab with Morada Cia Etilica)
    • Extra Dry (sake-style rice saison)
    • Bayard (farmhouse saison)
    • Reynard (French oak barrel-aged oud bruin)
    • Roxanne (black raspberry sour)
    • Strange Resemblance (wild saison)
    • Strange Times (Mosaic-hopped wild saison, collab with Modern Times)
    • Mr Pink (berliner weisse with lychee and guava)
    • Sur Citra (Citra dry-hopped sour pale)
    • 7800 Saison (sour saison)
    • Bois Sauvage (barrel-aged sour ale)
    • Lil’ Red 3.0 (Flanders-style red ale)
    • Thaddeus (oud bruin)
    • Mad Ear (bière de garde)
    • Saison Man (Chardonnay barrel-aged multigrain saison)
    • Hors Série Gose (sour wheat ale with coriander and salt)
    • Hors Série Saison Brett (oak barrel-fermented mixed-culture saison)
    • Dulcis Succubus (Dolce wine barrel-aged brett saison)
    • L’Ours Noir (blended sour ale & black IPA)
    • Willow Gose (sour wheat ale)
    • Ze Flaoueur Blène (sour ale with pink peppercorns and rose petals)
    • Old Growth Dry (wild fermented cider with Pender Island heirloom apples)
    • Pyrus Pyraster (wild fermented perry with Pender Island wild seedling pears and Louis Bon de Jersey heirloom pears)
    • Pouring:
    • Alpenfire (WA)
    • Bereziartua Sidrería (Spain)
    • BX Press (BC)
    • NOMAD (BC)
    • Scenic Road (BC)
    • Shacksbury (VT)
    • Twin Island (BC)
    • Pouring:
    • Bellwoods Brewery (ON)
    • Boneyard Beer (OR)
    • Microbrasserie Le Castor (QC)
    • Crux Fermentation Project (OR)
    • Brasserie Dieu du Ciel (QC)
    • Brasserie Dunham (QC)
    • Microbrasserie Glutenberg (QC)
    • Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider (OR)
    • Le Trou Du Diable (QC)
    • Les Trois Mousquetaires (QC)
    • Kopstootje (multi-grain bière de garde with ginger, juniper, and more)
    • Oud Bruin (blend of older barrel-aged and young oud bruin)
    • Cherry Oud Bruin (oud bruin with cherries)
    • Pouring:
    • Amager Bryghus (Denmark)
    • Brekeriet Beer (Sweden)
    • Brouwerij t’Verzet (Belgium)
    • To Øl Beer (Denmark)
    • Citrus Zest (dry hopped barrel-aged sour ale)
    • Ginger Sour (barrel-aged sour ale)
    • Hibiscus Tart (brett saison with hibiscus)
    • Strawberry & Chamomile (barrel-aged sour ale)

Specific beers & ciders subject to availability & distribution whims.

Beer Review: Juicy Double from Foamers’ Folly

Foamers-Folly-logoFoamers’ Folly is a brewery based in Pitt Meadows BC. They don’t distribute to Victoria at all, so when a friend in Vancouver sent me a bottle of their Juicy Double, I was over the moon.

Juicy Double is a dry-hopped double white IPA with strawberries. The commercial description reads

Tropical fruit aroma with a vibrant golden glow and a white crown. Pop of juicy hops, citrus and strawberry flavours balance the creamy full body.


  • ABV: 9.0%; IBU: 90
  • Malt: 50% Canadian Wheat, 42% Canadian Pale 2-row and 8% Flaked Oats
  • Hops: Columbus, Citra, Simcoe. Dry-hopped with Galaxy and Belma
  • Other important stuff: Pacific Northwest Strawberries


Juicy-Double-IPA-1This beer poured out a slightly hazy golden colour with two fingers of puffy white head that settled slowly and left light spots of lacing as the glass drained.

The nose was fresh strawberries with hoppy tropical fruit notes of mango, papaya and pineapple, along with citrus notes of orange peel and grapefruit rind, and just a touch of pine.

The palate was along the same lines, with rich notes of strawberry, pineapple, mango, papaya, orange, grapefruit, a touch of resin, and a backbone of bready malt and oats.

The mouthfeel was medium-bodied, smooth and silky from the oats, and juicy from the fruit, with moderate carbonation. The finish was a touch sweet, but not cloying .

This was the first Foamer’s Folly beer that I have tried and I was really impressed. You wouldn’t think that strawberries would work in an IPA, but they really augmented the flavours of this big fruity hop bomb. The oats added a really nice element to the mouthfeel that made it almost like an North East IPA and the 9.1% ABV was concealed incredibly well.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Serving temp: 7-10C

Glassware: Spiegelau IPA glass

BC Craft Beer Events for the Week of Jun 12–18

Do you have an event happening this week that you’d like to see listed? Feel free to send me an email.

For a full list of events, check out my Facebook page

June 13: YYJ Easts

St. Ann’s Academy, Victoria BC; 17:00–19:00

SOLD OUT! Please contact us at 250-383-7191 or to be placed on the waitlist.

Bite into YYJ Eats this June!

Brought to you by the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, YYJ Eats showcases local food and beverage companies to over 400 attendees. Come experience an exciting variety of gourmet food samples, local wine, craft beers and specialty cocktails created and presented by some of Victoria’s most popular restaurants, breweries, wineries, cideries & spirit makers.

Thank you to our sponsors: Sysco, Times Colonist,, The Zone at 91-3 and 100.3 The Q! The Island’s Rock

  • 2017 Exhibitors
  • 10Acres Bistro / Kitchen / Commons / Farm
  • The Blue Crab Seafood House
  • Lure Restaurant & Bar
  • Category 12 Brewing
  • north FORTY-EIGHT
  • Varsha Indian Kitchen
  • Lighthouse Brewing Company
  • De Vine Vineyards – Winery & Distillery
  • Vista 18 Westcoast Grill & Wine Bar
  • The Moon Under Water Brewery & Pub
  • Songhees Seafood & Steam
  • Sheringham Distillery
  • Vis-à-Vis
  • Spinnakers Brewpub
  • Agrius
  • Steamship Grill & Bar
  • DeeBee’s Organics Ltd.
  • Vancouver Island Brewing
  • Rocky Creek Winery
  • Swans Brewery, Pub & Hotel
  • Crust Bakery
  • Off The Eaten Track
  • Marichel Vineyard + Winery
  • Upper Bench Estate Winery
  • Hops & Vine Consulting
  • Epicure

Event website


June 13: BC Beer Masterclass

Cascadia Liquor, Courtney BC; 18:00–19:00

BC Craft Beer Masterclass with Jeff and Todd! Learn why certain craft beers/breweries are growing rapidly and rediscover radlers, sours and East Coast IPAs.
$5 – 100% donated to our community partner this month: BC Hospitality Foundation.
Loyalty members receive 10% off products featured at the class! RSVP in advance in person or via phone (250.871.8171).


Event website


June 14: Hops! Hops! Hops!

Vessel Liquor, Victoria BC; 18:30–20:00

Explore the world of BEER with the Thirsty Writer, Joe Wiebe. Once each month, Joe shares insights into a different style of beer with us. Taste through 8 beers in a friendly, relaxed environment, with a maximum of 14 guests per class. All beer fans welcome!

We’ll take a look at a line up of hoppy beers inspired by Phillips HOPoxia Festival on June 10.


Event website


June 14: A Tavola!

Luppolo Brewing Company, Vancouver BC; 19:00–22:00

Join us for a 4 course meal prepared by local chef Kris McPhee. Each course will be paired with one of our delicious house crafted beers.
A tavola!

Event website

a travola.jpg

June 14: Off The Rail Tasting

The Strath – Ale, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Victoria BC; 15:00–19:00

Join us in store for an Off The Rail Brewing Co. tasting with Hops & Vine Consulting!

Event website


June 15: Red Arrow Brewing Tasting Event

Beverly Corners Liquor Store, Duncan BC; 15:00–19:00

Join us in store for an Off The Rail Brewing Co. tasting with Hops & Vine Consulting!

Event website


June 15: Sucker Punch & Store St Ipa Release

Swans Brewery, Pub & Hotel, Victoria BC; 17:30–18:30

Double Release and free tasting at Swans Pub on Thursday June 15th from 5:30 to 6:30.
Your favourite Gnomie is back with his puckering sucker punch. Sucker Punch Citra Sour is making a comeback for this promising summer ahead of us.

Sucker Punch is not alone this year, we will be releasing “Store St. IPA” by The Harbour Brewpubs Collective. This collective is conformed of Swans Brewery, Canoe Brewpub, Moon Underwater Brewery and Spinnakers Brewpub. This release will be number 2 of a total of four to be released simultaneously at all brewpubs.

Visit us at Swans for free tasters of both this awesome releases on Thursday June 15th from 5:30 to 6:30.

Both this releases will be available in growler fills and draught at Swans Pub. Sucker Punch will also be available in 650 ml bottles at your nearest craft beer friendly liquor store.

Event website


June 15: 5 Course R&B Pairing Dinner

Townhall, Langley BC; 16:30


Event website


June 15: Steel & Oak Pairing Dinner

OAK & Thorne, Langley BC; 15:00–19:00


Event website


June 16:–19 Riot Brewing Tap Takeover

Sooke Harbour House, Sooke BC

We are excited to announce our 1st Riot Brewing Tap Takeover hosted by the Sooke Harbour House (in the Copper Room) from June 16th (4PM) until June 18th (9PM)!

We will be pouring our 5 core brands: Lipslide Lager, Life Partners Pale Ale, Junk Punch IPA, Sorry We Took So Long Saison and Working Class Hero Dark Mild!

Come down and enjoy a sample flight or a sleeve paired with the Westcoast cuisine that Sooke Harbour House is famous for! What timing… This would make the perfect Father’s day gift!

Take a look and preview the amazing beer/food pairing menu the team at the Sooke Harbour House concocted for this awesome event:

Event website


June 17: Brewed Right Here: Vol. 2

Lucky’s Liquor Store, Nanaimo BC; 18:00–21:00

Brewed Right Here is back! The second-annual home brewing competition hosted by Lucky’s Liquor Store and Matt Drinks Beer features some incredibly talented folks from the central Island region bringing in their original home brews. This time, there’s more beer, delicious snacks, door prizes, and a wicked awesome trophy, eh?

Event website


June 16: Meet the Brewers of VCBE

Best Western Plus Valemount Inn & Suites, Valemount BC; 20:30–23:30

Come join us for a more intimate evening of beer and socializing with your vALEmount Craft Beer Experience breweries. This experience will allow you to try beers that will not be available during the main event on Saturday. There will be casks and specialty kegs that you won’t often experience outside of their breweries.
This event will be hosted in the Eagles View room in the Best Western Inn and Suites with appetizers and live music from the Interstellar Jays.

Event website


June 17: Fuk U Cancer – A fundraiser for Tim Fukushima

Lucky Bar, Victoria BC; 19:00–23:00

These days it seems we all have a cancer story to share…

Tim and his wife Holly have been through the ringer with his battle against Leukemia.

Out of the blue, in February 2013 Tim was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and immediately admitted to Vancouver General Hospital. Twenty-five months of treatment and protocol in YVR eventually brought him back to Victoria and into regular life. Fast forward to March 2017, after nearly 4 years in remission, a re-lapse has Tim back laughing in the face of Leukemia. Humour is something that has carried Tim and Holly through these uncertain times. Tim has been receiving Immunotherapy in VGH and has achieved remission in this second round – he now prepares for a bone marrow transplant followed by numerous months of healing.

Heavy, we know.

All the more reason to gather together with lifted spirits and pints and have a toe-tapping good time pulling some funds together for Tim and Holly!

Join us June 17th as we BAND together for our good pal Tim Fukushima and say FUK-U CANCER!!!!!

HUGE THANKS to our two amazing local bands bringing the entertainment for the evening –

  • Davenport
    Dug Nugget

Equally big ups to the generous folks at Lucky Bar, Victoria for sharing their kick-ass venue with us!

We’ll have a Silent Auction on the sidelines so don’t pass that up – all for a good cause people!!

**TICKET SALES ARE CASH ONLY** All proceeds go directly to Tim and Holly
Advance Tickets: $15.00 (available June 1st onward @ Driftwood Brewery)
Also via personal delivery if ya know someone 😉
Tickets at the door: $20.00

Get your FUN-draising pants on and let’s boogie!!

Event website


June 17: Beer and Bikes!

Valemount Area Recreation Development Association, Valemount BC; 15:00–19:00

VARDA will be hosting a mountain bike ride day at the Valemount Bike Park in conjunction with Beer Fest and Three Ranges Brewing Company. VARDA will be working with PEAK SHUTTLES to provide a FREE shuttle service up to the trail heads from the main staging area from 9am to 3pm as well as a BBQ lunch served around noon.

Event website


June 17: Twa Dogs Tasting

The Strath – Ale, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Victoria BC; 15:00–19:00

Join us in store for a Victoria Caledonian Brewery & Distillery tasting!

Event website

twa dogs.jpg

June 17: Valemount Craft Beer Experience

Valemount Airport, Valemount BC; 17:00–22:00

The vALEmount Craft Beer Experience is a music and craft beverage experience like no other. It is a destination event built around an amazing night of music, craft beverages, and food. Set at the junction of three mountain ranges, you will not find another event like it. It’s an amazing spot in the middle of everywhere that’s important when you are drinking great craft beverages and listening to music. It’s an event that creates a weekend opportunity you can’t find anywhere else. Come see what Valemount is all about and enjoy some excellent music and beverages while you’re at it.

Your ticket gets you a shuttle ride to and from the event location, entrance into the event, and a souvenir cup for tasting all the wonderful craft delights. You will need to bring cash for food, and we will take cash or credit for drink tickets and event merchandise.

This festival will draw up to 600 people from Kamloops, Prince George, Edmonton and Calgary and all the areas in between. This will be a destination event that will have people here for two nights to experience everything the Valley offers while raising awareness and funds to support veterans who struggle with Operational Stress Injuries.

Also don’t miss the Meet the Brewers Night on Friday preceding the festival.

Event website


Twin Sails Releases Kicking in Speakers, Frooty Call, and High Socks Batch #2

Damn! Twin Sails went all out this week and released two canned products and a new draft-only release. Maybe I should have done my Vancouver trip this week. 😦

First up is their second collaboration with Boombox Brewing, Kicking in Speakers, which is a double IPA hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Columbus, and Centennial. They put 145 lbs of  hops into this masterpiece, which equates to 9 lbs per barrel. They say this hop bomb is just straight juice. I tried it on draft at a tasting event last week and it blew my tiny human mind!

Next up is Frooty Call, which is a raspberry milkshake IPA. This one is a collaboration with Craft Beer Market for their Community Brew. This one will only be available in the TS tasting room on draught and fills, plus on draught at Craft Beer Market in Olympic Village for the summer.

Last but not least is the second batch of their High Socks 100% Mosaic IPA, which is loaded with one of their favourite hops, Mosaic. Expect huge tropical fruit flavors and a really mellow dankness to balance it out.