Hoyne Releases 2017 Wolf Vine Wet Hopped Pale Ale

Hoyne Brewing in Victoria BC has released the 2017 version of Wolf Vine.

Wolf Vine is a fresh-hopped pale ale. No info on what hops were used in this year’s version or where the hops were sourced from.

You can find Wolf Vine now at the Hoyne tasting room and at select liquor stores in Victoria and the lower mainland.



Hoyne Releases Voltage Espresso Stout 2017

Hoyne Brewing in Victoria BC has released the 2017 version of their fall seasonal
Voltage Espresso Stout.

Voltage is a breakfast stout brewed with espresso from Habit Coffee in Victoria BC. Voltage pours out a dark brown colour with big aromas and flavours of espresso along with hints of chocolate and hazelnut.

Voltage is available now at the Hoyne tasting room and is currently shipping out to select private liquor stores across BC.


The Unmissable Beers of GCBF 2017

Selfi_guyThere’s a lot of great beers being served at this year’s GCBF. With such a wide variety of brews on offer it can be a little overwhelming to chose what to try in the limited time available.

I realize that not everyone is like me with the alcohol tolerance of a Norse god and a replaceable liver, so I thought it would be a good idea to make list of what I think will be this year’s unmissable beers.

In addition to the below, make sure to check out The Drake cask tent, where they will have tons of interesting and unique one-off beers on offer.

Four Winds Brewing– Quadrennial

Four Winds is by far the best brewery in BC and a contender for the best in Canada. I got a chance to try Quadrennial at Farmhouse Fest this year and I still have dreams about it. It’s a four-year barrel aged dark American-style sour ale, conditioned on blackcurrants. OMFG!

Twin Sails Brewing – Dad Jokes

I might have a little bit of an obsession with Twin Sails. There… I said it. These guys just make fun beers and love to play around and experiment. To that end they make almost-weekly small batches of test beers that are only available in their tasting room and this 100% El Dorado hopped DIPA is one of those! Hopefully they are kind enough to bring me a can for my ever-growing collection. Hint! Hint!

If you haven’t tried them yet, also try Con Leche and Dat Juice—I love those beers.

Faculty Brewing – 713 Balsamic Stout

This one is definitely not for the casual beer drinking. Faculty loves to experiment with their beers and the numbers assigned to the beers indicate how challenging they are—713 is pretty up there.

For this one they infused their award-winning Oaked Stout with balsamic reduction. I’m imagining a maltier and less sour version of Duchesse De Bourgogne.

Steel & Oak Brewing – Steinbier

Steel & Oak specializes in traditional German-style beers. For this unique lager, they collaborated with Germany’s Freigeist Bierkultur. 

Steinbier which translates to “stone beer” in German was created by pouring the wort over hot granite rocks, instantly bringing it to a boil, causing the malt sugars to caramelize and creating clouds of piping hot hot steam—resulting in a lager with a malt-candy-like finish.

Moon Under Water Brewery – 4 Year V (cask) 

Moon Under Water just release their 5th year anniversary wheat wine, but as a special treat for this year’s GCBF they’ve taken this year’s release and blended it with barrels of last year’s 4th year anniversary wheat ale, which has been aging for 12 months. Beware though, it’s 11.5%!

Field House Brewing – Field House X Brassneck – Wild Brett Wasp Ale

Inspired by a Brassneck beer called Buzzkill, this beer was fermented with yeast harvested from a wasp’s gut and finished with Brettanomyces. It was then left overnight in Fieldhouse’s Copper Coolship with elderflower and hops, allowing the beer to collect micro flora and fauna from the cool pacific night air, while naturally bringing it down to fermentation temperatures. 

Brassneck Brewery  Red Currant Changeling

Brassneck’s Changeling is a very tart kettle sour that is brewed using a different fruit every time. This new variant is brewed with red currants and if it’s like any of the previous iterations, it should be divine!

Moody Ales – Boss Juice Double IPA

I’m a sucker for my hazy NE IPAs, especially DIPAs. They even added Saccharomyces Trois to this one to this one to give it a little tartness and funk. They say it has notes of pineapple, mango, and citrus—sounds amazing!

Salt Spring Island Brewing – Apple Belgian (cask)

I got to try this one up at the Cowichan Beer Festival last month and was really impressed. It is brewed with Begian yeast, crystal hops, specialty malts, and 100% pure BC apple juice to create a crisp summer ale with subtle hints of spice and malt sweetness. 

Lighthouse Brewing – Ryujin

This plum-infused tripel is a special collaboration with Fuggles & Warlock and is said to have aromas and flavours of spice, clove, and plum. I can’t wait to try it.

While you are there, also make sure to try the new Ahtanum hop variant of their Numbskull IIPA.

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks – Last Strawberry-Guava Wit (cask)

This special cask of their Last Strawberry wit has been infused with extra strawberry puree, guava puree, and honey!

Also check out their Gin & Lime pilsner. That stuff is legit!

Townsite Brewing – Bois Savauge (cask)

This unique barrel-aged ale was fermented with wild yeast found in the Townsite barrel room. Expect farmhouse funk and tart acidity with notes of cherry and stonefruit on the palate.

Hoyne Brewing – Dark Side of the Farm (cask)

It’s very rare that Hoyne puts on a special cask for this sort of event, so I’m very curious to try this one out. They say that it is dangerously dark, mysteriously light, and magically infused with Sea Bluff Farm’s blackberries.

Sooke Oceanside Brewery – High Tide Rye – Imperial Rye Ale (Friday cask)

I’m a big fan of rye in beer. It just gives beer such a dry spicy character that I love! This imperial ale is brewed with unmalted rye and a big dose of North American hops. 

Vancouver Island Brewing – Burton Ale

This is a special collaboration with Gladstone Brewing. The Burton ale is an amber ale that originates in 16th century Burton-on-Trent, England and acted as the inspiration for modern IPAs.

Category 12 Brewing – Brett Pale Ale (cask)

C12 always brings a great unique cask to GCBF. This year they are bringing a pilot-brewed Brett pale ale that is said to be deliciously fruity with a smooth, subtle finish.

Beau’s All-Natural Brewing – Buenos Dias Gruit Ale

Buenos Dias is a gruit, which is centuries-old style of ale that uses bittering agents other than hops—in this case, organic lime juice, organic orange, lime peel, and sea salt. This refreshing summery ale has pronounced citrus notes with a touch of salt and hints of coriander. The finish is clean and dry.

Brasserie Dunham – Berliner Mango Weisse

This non-traditional Berliner weisse from one of Canada’s best breweries was brewed with mango puree. They say that it is dry and sour, with an exotic and spicy character. It sounds like a perfect beer to drink on a warm summer day.

While you are there, also try their Saison du Pinacle and Tropicale IPA. They are to die for.




Last Week’s Craft Beer Tasting Notes: June 19–25

Another week, another 27 unique beers. I shall soon be the king of Untappd!


Bottle & Cans

Smoked Hefeweizen by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Lightly smokey and wheaty, with banana notes from the yeast and a dry finish. I’d actually like a little more smoke, but I’m weird like that.

Royal City Ale by Steel & Oak Brewing Co. 

Fruity hops, grainy malt, spicy and easy drinking.

Shiny Things IPA by Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Crisp Pilsner malt with piney hop biterness and aromas of honey dew, tangerine, strawberry, and lemon grass. The oats provided a smooth mouthfeel.

Dinosour Blackberry Sour Ale by Phillips Brewing Company

Decent kettle sour with lots of blackberry candy flavour. Not too sweet. Quite tart, but could do with a bit more complexity.

The Brown Note by Against the Grain Brewery

This was a really delicious brown ale with toasty malt notes of chocolate and caramel, but then there’s citrus and floral notes from the hops! Try not to look at the image on the can when you drink it!

Sour Series: 7800 Saison by Townsite Brewing

Mild citric acid tartness. Peppery from the yeast, slightly spicy from the hops, grainy, with a nice dry finish.

Juniper Lime Ale by Vancouver Island Brewing

Light and refreshing. The lime and juniper comes through really nicely. It’s quite a bit like a gimlet. Carbonation was on the lower side.

Numbskull El Dorado Edition by Lighthouse Brewing Company

The El Dorado hops bring aromas of pear, watermelon, and stone fruit. It finishes with a nice, satifying bitterness. I might like this more than the original!

Hiatus by Category 12 Brewing

This might be my perfect summer beer. The cucumber and lime combine so perfectly with the earthy, rustic character of the Norwegian yeast.

High Socks by Twin Sails Brewing

Batch #2. Even better than the first. The Mosaic hops bring tons of tropical fruit flavour and a touch of dankness.

Frooty Call by Twin Sails Brewing

Tons of natural raspberry flavour with bright hop notes and a smooth and creamy mouthfeel. One of the best milkshake IPAs I’ve ever had.

Pénombre by Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!

A wonderful black IPA with piney hops and roasty malt notes of chocolate and coffee.

Booming Rollers (2017) by Modern Times Beer

Nice tropical and citrus nose. Lighter bodied biscuit malt. Very crushable.

Kamen Knuddeln by Against the Grain Brewery

Tart cherries with dark malt notes of chocolate. They call it a Kentuky Common, but I don’t think those are supposed to be sour. Weird!

Garden of Eden by To Øl

Big hop notes of papaya, guava, and some berries with a little spice.

Arrowsmith Blonde Ale by Mount Arrowsmith Brewing Co.

An easygoing blonde with some floral hop aroma.

On Tap

Tempus Corvi 2017 by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Lemon, apple, tons of funk, oak, and a touch of spice. Very complex.

Azacca Hop Kettle Sour by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Mild citric acidity with hop notes of mango, papaya, orange, grapefruit, and pine.

Sang Du Merle (2016) by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Ripe blackberries, currants, cherries, balsamic, funk, red wine oak. Very complex.

Oud King Crow 2015 by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Tart cherries, plums, vinous red grapes. Balsamic acetic sourness. Touch of funk with lots of oak.

Dime Bag by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

I love this. You can really taste the sour keys, and they play so wonderfully with the fruit and funk from the Brett and the hops.

Kokako 2016 by Moon Under Water Pub & Brewery

Gentle tartness and mild funk with pears, kiwi, and a touch of oak.

Saison Blanc by Dageraad Brewing

Wheaty, yeast, red apples, dry and refreshing.

Nebulousness by Brassneck Brewery

Fruity, juicy, and smooth, but missing the NE haze.

Hit the Deck New England IPA by Fernie Brewing Company

Citrusy and smooth, but not really an NE IPA. It can’t decide what it wants to be.

Farmhouse Honey Ale by Persephone Brewing Company

Nice honey sweetness with peppery yeast, earthy hops, and grainy. Off-dry finish.

Naughty Hildegard by Driftwood Brewery

I love it, but let’s be honest, it’s more like an IPA than a bitter.

Vienna Amber Lager by Hoyne Brewing

Earthy and spicy noble hops. Crisp and clean.


BC Craft Beer Events for the Week of June 26–July 2

Do you have an event happening this week that you’d like to see listed? Feel free to send me an email.

For a full list of events, check out my Facebook page

June 27: Hoyne Brewmaster’s Seafood Feast

Crooked Goose Bistro, Victoria BC; 18:00–21:00; $65


June 27: Beer Club Meeting! With Red Arrow

The Landing Liquor Store, Nanaimo BC; 19:00–20:00

UPDATE – We’ll actually be visited by Red Arrow Brewing (Duncan) for this upcoming Beer Club (Tuesday, June 27th at 7pm). Our friends from Category 12 Brewery out of Saanichton, will be here to see us at the follow meeting (July 25 @7pm).

Event website


June 27: CAMRA Victoria – Bring a New Member Event

Swans, Victoria BC; 19:00–21:00

CAMRA – Victoria’s Annual “Bring a New Member Night” will be held in the Penthouse at Swan’s Brewpub.

Appetizers will be served, but we are recommending that everyone plan to have a meal either before or afterwards as the appetizers usually go very quickly.

Swan’s is having a couple happy hours sandwiched around the event, with the first running from 3-6pm featuring $4.95 items with the purchase of a drink, and the other from 9-11pm featuring $8 burgers with purchase of a drink.

We are also asking that members contribute a small donation towards the beer served to help offset the cost to purchase it, as this is usually one of our most expensive events to run.

Also, we are asking all members to please bring your membership cards with you. If you are a new or renewed member and haven’t received your card by the time of the event, please see our membership director Cayla there as she may have it with her.

And as always, please plan for a safe ride to and from the event.

Cheers, and we hope to see you there!

Event website


June 28: The Final Boombox Wednesday

Callister Brewing, Vancouver BC; 14:00–23:00

Join us on June 28th as we bid Callister a fond farewell.

We’ll be pouring four Boombox beers for you to enjoy:
– Wizard Mode IPA
– Pacific Tears Sour
– Don’t you (forget about me) IPA
– And our final beer, which will be announced at a later date.

(This will be your last chance for a proper Boombox flight for a long time)

We’ve had a wonderful year and will miss Callister and you all dearly. So stop by and say goodbye/see ya later to team Boombox! Lots of beer, good tunes (there’ll be a DJ) and great company.


Event website



June 27: Parkside Brewery Tap Takeover

Smiths Pub, Victoria BC; 17:00–01:00

The latest addition to Port Moody’s amazing Brewer’s Row, Parkside Brewery, will be on hand to pour some of their delicious brews for us.

On tap will be their 3 core beers: Graffiti IPA, Dawn Pilsner & Dusk Pale Ale, which won the Judges Choice, gold medal at the Fest of Ales 2017. Additionally, they will be supplying a few of their noteworthy selections from their tasting room.

Come join us for some tasty suds, save room for our $14 Burger and Beer deal and stick around for the best in Psych rock with Audio Osmosis at 9pm.

  • Dawn Pilsner
  • Dusk Pale Ale
  • Graffiti IPA
  • Ekuanot SMaSH IPA
  • Dim Wit
  • Radical Red Ale
  • Unsmoked Porter
  • Tropical Milkshake ISA

Event website


June 27: Crux Launch Party

Portland Craft, Vancouver BC; 17:00–23:59

Join us this Tuesday for Crux Fermentation Projects Canadian launch party! We’ll be tapping 9 kegs at 5pm!


June 28: KPU Brewing Info Session

KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations, Langley BC; 18:00–20:00

Ever wondered about a career in the craft beer industry?

The explosion of craft beer’s popularity is creating a huge demand for educated, trained brewers. Whether you’ve always dreamed about opening your own brewery or are looking for a career change, join us for the KPU Brewing Info Session on June 28 at Red Truck Beer to learn how the KPU Brewing & Brewery Operations Diploma can help you get there!

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) offers the only university diploma in brewing in BC and is the first Canadian institution recognized by the Master Brewers Association for a standard of excellence in brewing education.

Meet KPU Brewing faculty, current students and grads — including KPU Brewing alumni and Red Truck brewer, Tom Morrison! If you’re curious about the KPU Brewing Diploma or a career in the industry, be sure to join us at Red Truck Beer.

*Must be 19+ to consume alcohol. ID required. KPU-brewed beer available. Red Truck beer and menu items sold separately. Sponsored by Red Truck Beer Company.

Event website


June 28: Beer & Cheese Please!

Yellow Dog Brewing, Port Moody BC; 19:00–21:00

A night of beer and cheese pairing featuring our special guests, Golden Ears Cheesecrafters.

Event website


June 28: June Brewmaster’s Dinner

Trading Post Brewing, Langley BC; 18:00–21:00

This month’s theme for our Brewmaster’s dinner is Chocolate!

Join us on Wednesday June 28th at 6pm! Your $45 ticket includes a 16oz welcome beer of your choice, and a four course dinner with a different 4oz beer with each course! Our Head Chef and Head Brewer will describe each course and why we chose to pair that particular beer with that dish!

Tickets are very limited and reservations are required. Call 604-343-2337 ext 2 to reserve yours!

Amouse bouche:
Custard: Dashi broth, eggs, chocolate foam

Ravioli: Goat cheese and hazel nut filling, butter sauce, kale and herbs

Event website


June 29: Crux Launch Party

The Drake, Victoria BC; 17:00–23:59

Crux Fermentation Project beers are coming to Canada. Join us as we throw a welcome party with a number of their beers on tap.

Event website


June 29: VI Brewing Tap Takeover

The Cascade Room, Vancouver BC; 16:00–21:00

We’re taking over the taps at The Cascade Room on June 29! We’ll have seven VI Brewing beers to share with you, including some surprise inclusions.

19 IPA
Juniper Lime Ale
Sombrio Citrus Session Ale
Victoria Lager
Carmanah Ale
Piper’s Pale Ale (on cask)
S-21 IPA “Nectar”

The draft list gives you special opportunity to try Piper’s Pale Ale in the traditional British style and small-batch IPA codenamed Nectar.

You can also try special features on the food menu made with VI Brewing beers. We’ll have prizes to giveaway too!

Event website


June 29: Rare Beer Tap Takeover

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar—Convention Centre, Vancouver BC; 18:00–23:00

Beer lovers REJOICE!!!

We’ve teamed up with Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar Convention Centre to bring you some of the rarest, coolest, most delicious beers from our friends south of the border.

There will be 16 beers on tap from Against The Grain Brewery, Propolis, Trinity Brewing and Moylan’s Brewing Company, with some making their debut pour in Canada. This is an event NOT to be missed!

Teaser menu coming next week!

To reserve seating, please call (604) 428-2555

Event website


Hoyne Releases Carte Blanche White IPA

Hoyne Brewing in Victoria BC has released their their first beer in a long time: Carte Blanche white IPA.

For this new beer, Sean Hoyne passed the torch and gave the next generation of brewers carte blanche to create the first in a series of specialty limited brews.

They decided to create a hazy, straw-coloured white IPA that is described as being medium-bodied with a citrusy fruit hop profile.


You can find it at select liquor stores on the lower mainland right now.


Craft Beer Tasting Notes for the Week of April 24–30 (26 unique beers)

This… this is really late. What can I say, sometimes life gets in the way. That and drinking. Mostly the drinking.



At home

Vapor Wave by Twin Sails Brewing

Pineapple and tropical fruit nose. Biscuit and crackery malt base. Mild tartness and drying saltiness. Extremely refreshing.

Juice Plus by Twin Sails Brewing

Batch #2. This delicious beer showcases those bright Citra orange peel and lemon rind aromas and flavours so well over a light biscuit malt base.

Street Legal IPA by Twin Sails Brewing

Nothing crazy, but a good standard IPA with pine, citrus, tropical, and a touch of floral. Balanced by light biscuit malt. Super crushable.

Karaoke Showdown by Yellow Dog Brewing Co

You get the rich toasty malt of a dopplebock and a touch of light caramel, with a big hit of American hops. Like Red double IPA.

Devil’s Dream IPA by Hoyne Brewing

Lots of bready and doughy caramel malt with pine and floral hop notes and a hint of undefinable citrus. More like an English IPA.

Chimay Bleue (Grande Réserve) by Bières de Chimay

God bless those Trappist monks. Rich notes of dates, raisins, cherry, caramel, toffee, apple, pear, clove, pepper. So much alcohol warmth.

Brewer’s Row Collaboration Peach Belgian by Moody Ales / Twin Sails / Yellow dog / Parkside

The peach really complements the fruity ester notes from the yeast and counterbalances the pepper and clove notes from the phenols.

Sour & Salt by Brekeriet Beer AB

Nice refreshing gose with light tartness and a touch of salt and coriander spice.

Anniversary India Red Ale by Tree Brewing Co.

One dimensional piney and grassy nose with generic caramel malt. By the numbers.

Foraged Saison by Field House Brewing Co.

Floral and funky nose. Brett rapsberry and natural blackberry on the palate. Funky, but not sour. Intriguing.

Mystify by Boombox Brewing Company

Tart, lemony, and sweet, with a wee touch of funk and wood. Super crushable and delicious!

Hop Chowdah by Cannery Brewing

Nice light and fruit IPA with a tropical fruit nose. Not quite full NE. It wasn’t cloudy or smooth enough.

Brett Saison by Parallel 49 Brewing Company

Touch of mild funk on the nose. Rich cherry and peach flavour with a bit of citrus, floral, and spiciness.

Colour & Shape by Superflux Beer Company

This was my last can of the last batch of small cans. The haze had dropped out, but it still had tons of Juicy papaya flavour. So refreshing! I can’t wait for the new batch!

On Tap

Incredible Pulp by Boneyard Beer Company

Juuuuuuuicy AF. The blood orange comes through so nicely.

Hare And The Dog by Main Street Brewing Company

Classic English-style bitter. Grassy hop notse with a rich malt forward body with an earthy bitter finish.

Le Merle by North Coast Brewing Company

Tropical fruit nose with hops and Belgian yeast on the palate, providing notes of peppercorn and apricot.

Sour Weisse by Four Winds Brewing

Tart light sour with mild citrus palate and dry wheat finish.

Salted Caramel Stout by Breakside Brewery

Smooth milk stout with caramel, chocolate, and mild salt on the palate.

Joe’s Banjo by Brassneck Brewery

Mild lactic acidity with pear, apple, peppercorn, and clove on the palate.

Psychosomatica by Brassneck Brewery

Tropical fruit, berries, melon, passion fruit. Mild bitterness. Delish.

Rocket Surgery by Brassneck Brewery

Sweet candy sugar, mild spiciness, gentle Brett funk. Well concealed alcohol.

Scarfface Cranberry Orange Wit by Phillips Brewing Company

Average. Mild cranberry and orange. Bit thin. Dry wheat finish.

Lions Summer Ale by Granville Island Brewing

Biscuity malt base with hints of citrus that wishes it was tropical. Tastes like cheap beer I would buy as a teen in the UK.

Fat Tug IPA by Driftwood Brewery

Hardly my first time drinking “the Tug.” Do you like hops, because this has HOPS!

Guinness Draught by Guinness

Malty, with some nuts and cocoa. Seemed way more thin than I remember from when I was young and dumb.