Strathcona Releases Cherry IPA

Strathcona Beer Company in Vancouver BC has released their new Cherry IPA.

This cherry IPA was made with Arianna, El Dorado and Hull Mellon hops. It is said to have light Ccherry acidity with subtle notes of coffee and chocolate.

This limited releases is available only at the brewery.



Phillips Releases Green Reaper 2017

Phillips Brewery in Victoria BC has released the 2017 version of their Green Reaper fresh-hopped IPA.

Green Reaper was brewed with full-cone Centennial hops, which were delivered fresh to the brewery and used in the brew within 24 hours of harvest. This special seasonal IPA is full of fresh floral and citrus flavours that finish with a delicious hop kick.

Green Reaper is available now at the Phillips retail store and at select private craft-focused liquor stores in BC.


Vancouver Island Brewing Releases Hermmanator 2017 and Royston Rye IPA

Vancouver Island Brewing has released the 2017 version of their fall/winter seasonal Hermmanator Ice Bock and their new Royston Rye IPA.

Both beers are available at Government and private liquor stores throughout BC.

22154525_10154912149021430_3866612004773714852_n.jpgHermmanator Ice Bock

Hermannator is a German-style Eisbock named in tribute to one of Vancouver Island Brewery’s original brewmaster. Hermannator takes over three months to produce, spending significant time at subzero temperatures to create a rich malt body, with notes of chocolate, coffee & brandied plums.

  • Malt: Superior Pilsner, Crystal, Caramel and Chocolate Malts
  • Hops: Northern Brewer, Galena and Willamette
  • Aroma: Rich, malty nose with essence of coffee, chocolate and biscuit.
  • Appearance: Dark Chestnut Brown that appears almost opaque. Creamy, light tan head.
  • Flavor: Deep malt body balanced by a mild bitterness, hints of plum spice with a Brandy like finish.
  • Mouthfeel: Smooth assertive mouthfeel with a deep malt body.
  • Keywords: Rich, chocolate, chewy
  • 9.5% ABV | 25 IBU

tolq4PzU.jpgRoyston Rye IPA

This rye IPA was named after the Royston shipwrecks breakwater in Courntey BC. Royston Rye is an amber IPA that boasts a healthy addition of rye, German Munich and Crystal Rye malts to establish a rich, dry, and spicy malt backbone. The hop profile has a herbal German base with resinous and citrus accents. The result is a robust and complex IPA with a punch of hops and just the right amount of spice.

  • Keywords: Hoppy, spicy, full bodied
  • 6.5% ABV | 60 IBUs

Boombox Releases Juicy AF IPA in 4-Pack Cans

Boombox Brewing has announced the their third canned release: Juicy AF.

Juicy AF is an North East-style IPA with succulent tropical fruit and citrus hop notes over a light biscuity malt base. From the looks of it this one isn’t super hazy, but apparently, it’s still juicy AF!

Cans will be available at Dogwood Brewing at noon on September 30 with a limit of three 4-packs per person. A limited amount of cans and kegs will be shipped to select local stores and bars next week.



Off the Rail Releases Fresh Hop Harvest IPA 2017

Off the Rail Brewing in Vancouver BC has released the 2017 version of its Fresh Hop Harvest IPA.

This year’s batch of Fresh Hop IPA features fresh Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops from BC Hop Co in Abbotsford. Notes of pine, citrus and subtle bitterness shine through in this bright and earthy IPA.

Fresh Hop Harvest IPA is available now at select private liquor stores across BC.




Fuggles & Warlock Releases Chrono Wet Hop IPA 2017

Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks in Richmond BC has released the 2017 version of their Chrono Wet Hop IPA.

Chrono was brewed with freshly-picked Centennial and Cascade hops from BC Hop Company that were immediately brought to the brewery and thrown into the kettle within hours of picking. The use of fresh hops delivers a juiciness and dankness to the beer that cannot be achieved with pelleted hops.

Chrono is available now at select private liquor stores across BC.


Parallel 49 Releases Trash Panda Hazy IPA

Parallel 49 Brewing in Vancouver has released a new year-round beer called Trash Panda.

Trash Panda is a North East-style hazy IPA that is dry-hopped with a huge amounts of Cashmere, Loral, Simco, and Citra hops—providing it with complex notes of melon, tropical fruit, and pear. Its hop and malt varieties leave a visible haziness and smooth, juicy mouth feel.

6 packs and growler fills are now available at the P49 tasting room and cans will be hitting BC Liquor Stores and private retailers in BC and Alberta in early October. 

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 55
Hops: Cashmere, Loral, Simco, Citra