Moon Under Water Releases 2017 Edition of Tempus Corvi

Moon Under Water in Victoria BC is preparing to release a 2017 batch of Tempus Corvi. Released once every 2 years, this barrel fermented sour saison was originally brewed in collaboration with local award winning homebrewer, Dave Janssen.

Taking inspiration from traditional saison brewers of Belgium and revivalist brewers of North America, Tempus Corvi is a mixed-fermentation saison. They let this saison rest for 5 months in French oak wine barrels where the activity of a diverse collection of Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces yeasts and lactic acid bacteria transformed the beer, adding sourness and additional complexity. With its bright acidity and light body, Tempus Corvi is a refreshing beer ready to drink now or be cellared for continued development along its own course.

Tempus Corvi will be released at the brewery on June 24 and will be available on tap and in limited cork and cage bottles while it lasts!

6.4% ABV | N/A IBU | 1.001 FG


Fieldhouse Releases Barrel-aged Wild Saison

Fieldhouse Brewing in Abbotsford BC as released a special barrel-aged version of their wild saison.

This edition of their Wild Saison was aged for one year in whisky barrels that had then been used to wild ferment cider. They describe the experience as an unrestrained fit of brazen funk, vibrant apples, madcap floral spiced flavours, and a hint of lush vanilla.

This is only available in their tasting room in very limited quantities.


Parallel 49 Releases 2017 Batch of Apricotopus

Parallel 49 Brewing in East Vancouver has released a fresh batch of their seasonal
Apricotopus apricot infused sour saison.

Apricotopus was blended with real apricots and Lactobacillus culture to provide a kick of tart apricot and wheat citrus with an effervescent body and a crisp, dry finish.

Its contrast of fruity sweetness and sour tones provide balance for a perfect summer beer

It is available now in liquor stores across BC

6.3% ABV | 6 IBU | 650ML | BOTTLES, DRAUGHT |6-8 ° C



Dageraad Releases 2017 Batch of Randonneur Saison

Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby BC has announced the release of a fresh batch of their seasonal Randonneur Saison.

Randonneur Saison is a  traditional saison-style beer than is often produced in North America. They fermented it at high temperatures with an unstoppable yeast strain that rendered it very dry, and yet imparted a fruity nose. They then dry-hopped with herbaceous European hops to give it a whiff of the farmer’s field. Then we ferment it again, this time through bottle conditioning, allowing them to reach the carbonation level proper to saison beer.

Randonneur Saison will be available at the brewery on Thursday, May 4 and will begin shipping to stores on the same day.

Alcohol per volume: 6.4%
Volume: 650 mL bottle, 29.3L keg


Granville Island Brewing Releases Small Batch Belgian Style Saison

belgian.jpgGranville Island Brewing has announced the release of their new small batch Belgian Style Saison.

Like all of their small batch releases, this dry, spicy, and fruity Belgian-style farmhouse ale was brewed at their original Vancouver location rather than their Kelowna location

Check out the blurb, below:

One of the world’s greatest beer nations, Belgium is known for originating many unique beer styles, Saison included. Originally brewed to quench the thirsts of seasonal farm workers (“saisonniers”), this traditional recipe uses imported Belgian yeast to create a complex blend of fruity and spicy flavours, balanced with a pleasant hop bitterness and lingering, dry finish.

Stats: 650ml / ABV: 6.3% /  IBU: 30

Strange Fellows to Make Bayard Farmhouse Saison a Bottled Release

Strange Fellows Brewing in East Vancouver has announced that their previously draft-only Bayard farmhouse saison will soon be available in bottles.

Bayard is a Belgian-style farmhouse ale, or saison. Bayard is brewed with a mixed culture of yeast, so not only do you get those rich Belgian yeast esters and phenols, but you also get a touch of wonderful barnyard funk

780ml bottle will be made available in the Strange Fellows tasting room on Monday, May 8 and will be shipping out to private liquor stores later next week!

ABV: 6%
IBU: 25
OG: 1.059
Aroma: Fruity, Peppery
Character: Fruity, Spicy, Dry
Colour: Pale Golden
Hops: Assertive, Balanced, Euro
Malt: Wheat, Pilsner Malts
Yeast: Multi-Culture
Pairs With: Asian, Middle Eastern, Charcuterie

Hero of many a legend, Bayard the Horse possesses the ability to adjust his size to any rider he chooses to carry. Outwitting any attempt to control him, he symbolizes a wild spirit not to be tamed. Our Saison – with its fruity, spicy flavour & dry, refreshing finish – is the happenstance of unique yeasts & unusual brewing methods. Wild by nature, Bayard is perfect for celebrating those things that we cannot control.