Strathcona Releases Fresh Hop Sour

Strathcona Beer Company has announced their new limited release Fresh Hop Sour.

This kettle sour was brewed with Citra and Enigma hops and then dry-hopped with Vic Secret. It is light in colour and body, with citrus character, subtle vinous notes, and a dry finish.

It will be available at the Strathcona store on  September 29 and will be shipping to select private liquor stores the following week.



Dageraad Releases Kerasous Tart Cherry Ale on Draft

Dageraad Brewing in Burnaby BC has announced a new draft-only release called Kerasous.

Kerasous is a tart cherry amber ale made with tart montmorency cherries grown in Aldergrove and lightly kettle soured. It has a rich cherry flavour followed by a tart, crisp finish.

Kerasous is named after an ancient Greek city on the Black Sea coast of what is now Turkey, in the region where cherry cultivation is believed to have originated. Montmorency cherries are named after a town in France, but they actually originally came from the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

Kerasous is available now at the Dageraad tasting room, and they will be sending a few kegs out to bars and restaurants soon.


Twin Sails Releases Shower Thoughts, #Blessed, and Day-Blink Batch #4

Twin Sails Brewing in Port Moody BC released three new canned products on the weekend: a tasting-room only release called Shower Thoughts, a limited release called #Blessed, and finally a fourth batch of Day-Blink.

Shower Thoughts – Sour Ale with Blackberry

Shower Thoughts was brewed with acidulated malts to accentuate the natural acidity of the 400lbs of blackberry purée that went into the beer. Lightly hopped to allow the fruit to shine, the flavor and aroma on this one is all about the blackberry.

This one was available in the tasting room only and they only had 38 cases available, with a one case max per person.

5.2% ABV

shower thoughts.jpg

#Blessed – West Coast pale ale

No real details were given for this release, but it should start appearing in stores this week.

5.4% ABV | 36 IBU


Day-Blink – 100% Simcoe hopped American Style Pale Ale

Twin Sails’ Day-Blink is an unfiltered, twice dry hopped American style Pale Ale. It pours a hazy, golden colour with a bright white head. It has strong aromatic flavours of peach & apricot with hints of tropical fruit and a slight resinous undertone. Day-Blink makes for a big, juicy and very drinkable pale ale

It should be in stores this week.

5% ABV | 36 IBU



Phillips Releases Dinosour Blackberry Sour

Dinosour-Web-Shot-1-300x400.jpgPhillips Brewery in Victoria BC has released a new seasonal called Dinosour.

Dinosour is a blackberry sour ale that packs a delightfully tart bite. Soured with Phillips’ house-cultured lactobacillus strain, blackberries are added pre and post fermentaceous period, balancing sour flavours with fresh berry sweetness.

Dinosour is available now at the Phillips retail store as well as select liquor stores across BC.

4.2% ABV

Parallel 49 Releases 2017 Batch of Apricotopus

Parallel 49 Brewing in East Vancouver has released a fresh batch of their seasonal
Apricotopus apricot infused sour saison.

Apricotopus was blended with real apricots and Lactobacillus culture to provide a kick of tart apricot and wheat citrus with an effervescent body and a crisp, dry finish.

Its contrast of fruity sweetness and sour tones provide balance for a perfect summer beer

It is available now in liquor stores across BC

6.3% ABV | 6 IBU | 650ML | BOTTLES, DRAUGHT |6-8 ° C



Beer Review: Dry-Hopped Hazy Sour Double IPA from Field House

Field House Brewing in Abbotsford BC recently released a beer that they call a Dry-hopped Hazy Sour Double IPA. Now, you might be asking yourself, what in the heck is a dry-hopped hazy sour double IPA. Me too! It’s not an actual BCJP-recognized style, so let’s find out what the heck they are talking about…


  • ABV: 7.5%
  • IBU: 22


This sour and juicy beer was aggressively dry-hopped, giving it loads of flavour without the bitterness. Strong and hazy, this concoction was sourced with our house lacto culture and fermented with brett trios to even further pump up the juiciness of this wild hybrid.


This beer poured out an opaque light-amber with two fingers of puffy white head that dissipated slowly and left pretty cloudy lacing patterns as the glass drained.

The nose was dominated by the hops, with tropical fruit notes of pineapple, mango, papaya, and passion fruit, along with stone fruit notes of peach and nectarine, as well as citrus fruit notes of grapefruit. There was also a mild floral hop aroma and a touch of tang and funk.

The palate was super juicy with the same fruity hop notes of pineapple, mango, passion fruit, peach, nectarine, and grapefruit, with a touch of light biscuit malt in the background.

The mouthfeel was medium-bodied, smooth, and gently tart, with moderate carbonation. The finish was quite dry with a touch of alcohol warmth, and while there was no hop bitterness in the aftertaste, there was a lingering acidity that left the mouth watering and craving more.

To be honest, the beer’s name is a bit of a gimmick, because it’s not actually anything brand new. Really, it’s either a sour double IPA or a dry-hopped sour.

This beer was actually remarkably similar to Nectarous from Four Winds, which is also a dry-hopped sour made with Lactobacillus and Saccharomyces Trois. However, this had a little added alcohol warmth and a dryer finish. This isn’t a bad thing, as that is a fantastic beer!

Overall Rating: 4/5

Serving temp: 4-7C

Food pairing: Spicy Chinese food—Kung Pao Chicken, Singapore noodles

Glassware: Tulip; IPA glass